Colmar – one of the most interesting and picturesque parts of French Alsace. The third by the number of people living here, the administrative center of the department, The Upper Rhine is in 20 km west of Rhine (it’s approximately between Strasbourg and Basel).

What’s the especial here?

There have been preserved huge old quartiles; having built in mid ages, castles and houses. Here as if it goes in due course and there are no great changes in lives of the locals. The tourists would be pleased visiting:

  • Kopfhaus, Maison des Têtes. Here you can see 100 heads of the famous people (and the of the infamous ones too);
  • The church of St. Matthew, a unique historical and architecture monument where there are two styles composed together, the roman and the gothic.
  • Maison Pfister. The original building erected by masters in 1537;
  • Dominican abbey, a legendary building made literally with hands in the 12th century.
  • Town-museum under the sky where époques, styles shades and mood are mixed. There are buildings expressing the reflection of charming time of romanticism; structures underneath spires of which the Renaissance took a place; temples turned to the sky made in the ampere and eclectics styles.

A curious fact! There is a unique dry climate in the tiny town – THIS is rareness for that terrain. There are about 530 mm of fallout every year and such microclimate I beneficial for winery in the region. Here they make one of the most delicious wines tart shades of which are the aim of the tasters from all over the world.

In count of Grands Crus Colmar can easily compete with Bordeaux. However, there are mainly white and sparkling wines made in Alsace.

Furthermore, Colmar – is a town where the cook competitions are made. Millions of “food pilgrims” come here for the unique recipes

It seems the town is in a run and it never stops. There organized a lot of celebrations, festivals and other events:

  • The Jazz Festival;
  • The Movie Festival;
  • The Festival of Alsace wines and many others.

So spend time with mind – and thus you’ll be able not to just admire the grace of architecture. You will be greedily soaking up the chemistry of festivals, dance to the sparkling beats, taste masterpieces of the local cuisine.