Vietnam is an Asian country with a centuries-old culture, which in recent years has become one of the centers of tourism in the region. A vacation in this country allows you to combine a great beach holiday with the opportunity to explore the amazing sights of Vietnam, which belong to various historical eras.

Vietnam impresses with its pristine nature, with a riot of colors, magnificent mountain peaks and pristine beaches. You can also make fascinating excursions to the Palace of Perfect Harmony, the Temple of the Great Buddha, the Temple of Literature and the wooden pagoda of Dien-Bo.

We recommend you to visit the ancient city of Hue, where the Forbidden Purple City, the Tomb of Emperor Min Man and a number of other well-known attractions of Vietnam are located. The city of Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, is very popular with tourists. This city will allow you to get to know the modern life of this country better.

One of the features of a vacation in Vietnam is its year-round availability. The climate of the country is quite mild. Even in summer there is no such sweltering heat, which is characteristic of the resorts of Egypt. In winter, the temperature is at the level of 24-28 degrees. You can sunbathe on local beaches all year round.

In recent years, the tourism and recreation infrastructure has made a significant step forward in Vietnam. Numerous hotels and hotel complexes were built on the coast, and the level of service itself reached the best European standards. Holidays in this country are characterized by an affordable price level, but you should take into account the duration of the flight, so the cost of tourist vouchers to Vietnam can be quite high.