Mosel – is an image of tiny and cozy Germany. It’s French which gifts charm, beauty and enchantment to this German land. As it flows into Rhine it makes a well-know “German corner”.

It dresses the emerald of vineyards and keeps a gentle smile in its dark blue eyes. Mosel is a lady, but not a capricious on, so any guest will be pleased by soft and sweet euphoria…

The river vale is represented with tiny houses, chic ferries, broken old roads. The towns set against the vale, they are so close to each other so either cycling there or walking on foot – anyhow they won’t tire you. Every corner-town of the country has something especial.

  • It will attract with the fabled towers sending the atmosphere of the mid ages and conquering with their greatness.
  • The castle born “in a white shirt”. For more than eight hundred years it has avoided hard destructions, almost by a chance it saved all the wonderful atmosphere of it. You should just visit this castle, but to have a look at the treasury – the place where all the greatest riches of the vale are.
  • Burg Pyrmont. Built in 1225, it is the castle which remains as the private property. But do not worry: the owners are welcoming. It means you will have no problems with getting here.
  • This one is the site where ancient Rome settlements can be found. Long ago Trier was a brave town, the capital of the western part of the mighty Rome Empire, it used to be the center of the winery.
  • Traben-Trabach. You ought to come here to feel the damp and cold smell of wine cellars, have a walk across the bystreets enjoying the architecture presented around and dive into the chemistry of the carnival.
  • A “snuffbox-town” where 1,5 km2 account 147 thousand of habitants. There’s everything for living in “the right town”. And the cheese made in Bernstein according to old recipes is the world-known.
  • The town where you will find best wines in the world. The talisman of Zell is the black cat which used to know much about wine and kept the barrel with the best hard drink. That is why you might find the graceful “bagheera” on the bottles of the collection beer.

Mosel is a French exquisite, it gives beauty, it gives charm to the German land. You can delight it forever and, of course, you can let yourself do. Have a good journey and don’t ever turn to blue!