Foothill of the Switzerland Alps – these are the miracles in the miracles the nature maiden letting you enjoy every moment spent there. The romanticist Byron and inspired Goethe used to visit this place once and turned all they’d seen into lines you can read.

In 1779 the great Goethe made “Gesang der geister ueber der wasern” where he described calm wind and water flow.

And the romanticist Byron did wrote of a waterfall comparing it with the tail of a horse. He believed the horse was sending the Death to the field of Apocalypses. Perhaps, having visited this locality, you got inspired too and maybe it will wake a wave of creativity!

Where’s the waterfall and what does it hide?

Staubbachfall: right into the water! Staubbachfall outspreads far away from the town Lauterbrunnen which is nearly in the center of Switzerland. Everyday hundreds of tourists come to admire the beauty and charm of this place, taste the smell and splashes falling onto the skin.

The height of the waterfall is almost 300 m and until 2006 the Staubbachfall was believed the highest one in the country. However, in 2006 there was a research which appeared the Seerenbachfall to be higher.Staubbachfall: right into the water! The main feature of the Staubbachfall – great height mixed with the structure of the slope which turns it to a water cloud made of thousands of drops. After it rains or during the season of melting the Staubbachfall becomes a masterpiece of art made by nature. It amazes from the very first look. Few seconds are enough to understand: you have just fallen in love. You are out of your mind cause of these feelings for that place, for every drop and you start believing you can change anything here.

3 interesting facts about the waterfall that looks like a “tail of a horse”

  • Behind the surface of the water you can watch either from the outside or from the tunnel in the mountain;
  • In 1930s the object was printed on one of the most well-known Switzerland stamps;
  • Visiting the Staubbachfall may become dangerous so you better come here with the experienced touristic group.

Staubbachfall is not just a diving to head. It’s an eternal enjoyment, adornment and the reason is this nature masterpiece, the taste of magic in every moment taken. So, it inspires with its greatness not only ordinary people but artists, poets, masters of painting and many-many others. Who knows, maybe your life will change completely after the visit?

Staubbachfall: right into the water! Staubbachfall: right into the water!