Beipazari Resort


The deliberate approach of the mayor of this settlement, working ahead of the curve, turned the picturesque Ottoman city, located high above the Inenyu Valley, into a permanent place for weekend escapees from the bustle of Ankara. In the old quarter, more than 3,000 Ottoman houses are lined up on top of a hill along narrow streets; more than 500 buildings on about 30 streets have already been restored.

Copper craftsmen and carpenters work hard, shopkeepers impose models of Ottoman fashion houses packed in small bags on tourists who have come from Ankara for a day, and the market, which is already 200 years old, reminds of the position of Beipazari on the Great Silk Road.

In the museum of Beypazara, which occupies a huge Ottoman mansion, it is not bad to wander to a soundtrack with classical music. Expositions range from Roman and Byzantine columns to an Ottoman painting depicting an elephant, and typical closets-bathrooms are still in full working order.

On the first weekend of June, a modest carrot is honored at the local Khawuj Guwedj culinary festival. Among the additional entertainment, we note craft fairs and horseback riding tours in the Ottoman style.

While you are here, taste the local delicacies, including the head teacher locum, lumpy dzhevizli sujueu and Beipazary mineral water, which is bottled here and transported throughout the country.