Uchhisar Resort

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

The charming little village of Uchkhisar has undergone rapid development with the beginning of the active introduction of an international tour operator to the local market. Every summer, buses full of French tourists arrive at this cliff-top village, who unpack their cheerfulness in fashionable hotels at the foot of the Uchhisar fortress and open the season of enjoying life.

Visible from nearby Goreme, a huge rocky outcrop is an impressive main element of the Cappadocian aesthetics, although at times it has undergone some changes. Do you want a break from the many shadows on the sunlit rock? Turn your gaze to the white peaks of Mount Erciyas, which is a world of wildlife away from your shaded terrace. Uchkhisar remains a quieter alternative to Goreme as a base for exploring the region.

On the central square there are ATMs of Vakifbank and Guaranty Bank, as well as an Internet cafe and a post office nearby.

It is very popular to watch the sunset over the Pink and Pigeon Valleys from the wonderful vantage point of the Uchkhisar fortress. This high outcrop of volcanic rock, riddled with tunnels and holes, is visible for many kilometers. Nowadays it is an attraction for tourists, with obligatory cafes on the terraces at the entrance; from the top there is a panoramic view of the Cappadocian landscape. Alas, the impression is spoiled by the garbage left by many groups staying on buses. The absence of fences requires special care – there was a case when the photographer backed away in search of a good shot and died after falling off a cliff as a result.

There are many wonderful opportunities for hiking in the vicinity of Uchkhisar; trails to the Baglydere Valley and Guverchinlyk Vadis outside the city.