Lefkas Churches

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

Aghios Donatos: The church of Aghios Donatos is located close to Egklouvi village, in an altitude of 900 meters. The church was first dedicated to Agios Dometios, but after its renovation, the local people dedicated it in the memory of Agios Donatos, who was the Bishop of Lefkada in 284 A.D. The church celebrates on the 7th of August.

Aghios Ioannis Prodromos (Saint John Baptist) at Kastos: Big temple on Kastos island, built in the mid 19th century. At the foundations of the church, there is a dome-shaped stone room, probably belonging to an early Christian tomb.

Aghios Ioannis Prodromos (Saint John Baptist) at Meganissi: The small monastery of Aghios Ioannis Prodromos is located at a pebbled beach on the west of Meganissi. This monastery does not have to show great frescoes or architecture style, but it has great historic value. It is considered to have been founded before 1477, but without any evidence. It is said that was destroyed by pirates who threw the icon of the saint in the sea, which was drawn out by a fisherman. In 1800, the monk Ioannis Patrikis coming from a rich family, sent a nun to rebuilt it and she lived there until her death. Her grave is located between the foundation of the old and new wall of the sanctuary.

Aghios Minas: In the church of Aghios Minas, close to the church of Pantokratoras, you will admire the fine wooden cut templon and the icons of great Eptanesian hagiographers. The church had been founded in 1707, with the permission of Venetians, in baroque style. It has been restored, after serious damages suffered in 1724.

Aghios Spyridonas: The basilica of Aghios Spyridonas, located in the main square of Lefkada town, was built at the end of the 17th century and it is private. It is clearly influenced by the Venetian architecture. The templon was made by a Zakynthian wood cutter, J.Groppa and the icons by the Cretan -Venetian descent- Tomazo Gen.

Monastery of Panagia Hodeghetria: It is the oldest Christian monument, preserved in the island. It is located in Apolpena village, inside the oil grove. It was founded around 1449 and 1450 or according to other sources, around the 11th century.

Monastery of Faneromeni: The monastery of Faneromeni was built in the green pine clad hill, on the west side of the town, in the way to Tsoukalades village. The view of here to Aghios Ioannis, Gira and Castle of Aghia Mavra is wonderful. Its history starts from the first apostolic years and that is why it is one of the most significant monuments of the island and the only monastery still in residence. Here, in a modern building, the new Ecclesiastical Museum of the monastery is housed, including in 3 floors ecclesiastical art and tradition’s exhibits, like icons, vestments, vessels and books. The monastery also exhibits Christian books and has a small guestroom for the pilgrims. It is the patron saint of the “Lefkada’s whole” and her grace is celebrated on Monday of Holy Spirit.

Pantokratoras chapel: The chapel of Pantokratoras is an important Christian monument, located 1km northeast of Kavalos village, with its bell hanging on a huge oak in the front of the church’s yard. At the door, there are windows from ancient Greek temples. Many traditional church towers decorate the churches of Sfakiotes. Some of the most beautiful are: Aghios Dionysios and Aghios Spiridonas in Lazarata, built 150 years ago.