Lefkas Museums

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada: The museum is housed in the Cultural Centre of Lefkada and includes findings that cover the period from the middle of the Palaeolithic era (200.000 – 35.000 B.C.) to the later roman period. The museum exhibits tools, ceramic and copper jewellery and gems of ancient tombs, mostly from the Ancient city of Nirikos, Nydri, Hoirospilia, Evgiros and the cave in Fryni. In the museum, in a separate room, you will see the findings of German archaeologist Willhelm Dorpfeld, who proposed the theory that the island of Lefkada was the Homeric Ithaca.

Ellomenio Museum of Greek Musical Instruments: The museum is housed in an old olive press, transformed in an outstanding place of reception and includes traditional objects of folkloric art, farmer’s equipment and musical instruments. It is located in Neohori village and was founded with the initiative of Mr. Panagiotis Tsatsoulas. Folklore

Museum of Lefkadite Canvas Works: The Folklore Museum of Lefkadite Canvas Works “Maria Koutsohero” is a small private museum. Among the traditional exhibits, you will discover the life and character, the persistence, patience and genius of the Lefkadite mountain people who lived under rough conditions and managed to create a folkloric culture.

Folklore Museum of the Music and Literature Group: The Folklore Museum of the Music and Literature Group “Orpheus” “Pantazis Kontomixis” was founded in 1937 and includes a rich collection of significant and rare objects from the everyday life and business of the Lefkadite people.

Haramoglios Special Lefkadite Library: The Haramoglios Special Lefkadite Library includes thousands of books and printed matter, newspaper articles, magazines, even post cards with Lefkada. Its founder, Aristotelis Haramoglis, begun his efforts in 1974 and managed to collect, from Greece and the rest of the world, everything published on Lefkada from locals or foreigners and everything written by Lefkadites on several issues. Today it possesses rare editions dated back to 1420. The collection is in the Guiness book of records.

Kontomihio Folklore Museum of the Sfakiotes: The museum is housed in the old building of the Kavalos elementary school, in a place full of pine trees and has opened to the public in the summer of 2004. It includes variety of tools used in different crafts, such as shoemaker, farmer, carpenter, barber, builder, screen maker and woodcutter, recreation of areas within the Lefkadite home, collection of old photographs, woven material and traditional dresses etc.

Phonograph Museum: The museum is located near the pedestrian precinct of the old town of Lefkada. It is a small private museum, that includes phonographs, records, rare objects of use, decorative instruments, boxes, seals, currency and old post cards etc.

Public Library: The public library, founded in 1953, is housed in a traditional mansion with a garden, the Zoulinos house, located on the west side of the old city.