The capital of Anhui is a pleasant, welcoming city with lively markets, beautiful lakes and green parks. It is not rich in sights, but it is well suited as a traveler’s transport base.


Shenglilu Street leads from the railway station to the Nanfeihe River, where it intersects with Shouchunlu Street. The main shopping street of Hefei crosses the city from east to west and is named Changjiangzhonglu. Between the streets of Suzhou and Huancheng Donglu there is a pedestrian Huaihelu – a place for citizens to walk.


The most pleasant of the Hefei parks are Xiaoyaoji: admission is free: @6.00—19.00) and Baohe. In the second of them there are several attractions worthy of your attention.

Mingjiao Monastery

The gates of this colorful and well-preserved monastery are located 5 m from the crowded pedestrian street of Hefei.

Li Hongzhang’s former residence

The restored house of the famous statesman of the last decades of the Qing Dynasty is located at the western end of the pedestrian street. This is the only museum among countless shops.

A collection of ancient bronze, objects from the burials of the Han era, as well as a collection of wooden architectural ornaments of the Hu-eizhou region.