Travel safety Rules


What is the best way for travelers abroad to behave, what to do in case of an emergency?
Anyone dreams of a relaxing vacation, but not always everything goes smoothly. If you have knowledge of the history, traditions and modern life of the country you plan to visit by buying last-minute tours here, then you will be able to navigate in an unusual environment. In addition, there are simple travel safety rules that will help tourists stay out of trouble during a foreign holiday.

Preparing for the trip

When you go abroad, write down the phone number of your embassy or consulate in the country you are going to. Also, write down the phone numbers of the police, ambulance, firefighters.

For the European Union, there is a single call number in case of emergency – 112. You should definitely have this phone number in your mobile address book if you are heading to Europe. For Egypt, the number is 123 (ambulance), 122 (police), 180 (fire). In the USA, the number for all services is the same – 911 for all mobile operators. And in Thailand, 1554 (ambulance), 1155 (police), 199 (fire). But in order not to have to call these services, follow the safety rules when traveling.
At the same time, do not forget to prepare copies of documents: passport, visa, tickets, insurance. This is especially necessary if you are flying to a country where the socio-political situation is unstable. Copies of documents can be carried with you, and the originals can be stored in a safe at the hotel.

What needs to be done?

There are a number of safety rules when traveling. Among these rules, you can find such items as – do not drink local alcohol if you are not sure of its quality. This rule also includes drinking tap water (after all, it may not be cleaned, and this will lead to departure). Buy bottled drinks from international well-known manufacturers.

Also, refrain from walking alone if you find yourself in an unfamiliar country. The best way to travel is as part of an excursion group of tourists, led by a guide. If you still decide to go on a trip alone, then choose a safe route, take copies of documents, a mobile phone and a map of the area. If you know the local language – great. If you don’t know, write down the main phrases and keep them always with you (for example, in your phone).

In some countries, representatives of “travel companies” are suitable with an offer of excursions at a small price. You should not trust such dubious offers, as it may turn out to be scammers who will take money from you without providing services. Or it will be a representative of an illegal travel agency, and no one will guarantee that the same tourist bus driver has sufficient qualifications for this job. In this case, ask for a license from a travel agency, look at their website. As a rule, illegal companies do not have this, and if they do, it is not done in the best possible way. The best solution is to contact travel agencies that have agreements with Russian travel operators, and when you purchase a tour, make out a contract for the purchase of services. Remember the fact that if the company is legal, it also includes insurance in case of force majeure in the price of the tour.
If you follow these safety rules when traveling abroad, you will not know any worries or sorrows and your trip will go perfectly. And the only reason for sadness will be that you are already leaving.