Eastern villages


This group of villages is also not spoiled by the attention of travelers. The county town of Shexian, where there are several historical monuments, can serve as a base for their visit. In neighboring Yuliang, the architectural heritage is completely different from the Huizhou style.



In ancient times, Shexian was the center of Huizhou County. The town is located 25 km east of Tunxi and is accessible for a day trip. The Old Town, the main local attraction, has been preserved in Shexiang.

After leaving the bus station, cross the bridge over the river and find a tower of modern construction marking the beginning of the ancient city. Behind it stands the Yanhemen Gate— a wooden building with a double roof. Buy a ticket and climb to the top of the gate to admire the stone seuzhi – mythical beasts sculpted in the Ming era. From the gate there is a view of the arkuSyugo shifan. This is the only 4-pass stone arch in China. Its pedestal is decorated with a whole brood of stone lions — there are 12 of them.

Moving in the same direction, you will find yourself in the oldest area of traditional residential development on Doushanjie – a delightful street where several Huizhou city estates with courtyards, carved decorations, exquisite interiors and partially preserved stone stands that helped riders to climb into the saddle are open to visitors. Pay attention to the naifan arch, which has become part of the stone wall.

In the Old City, a replica of the ancient official presence that once ruled the lands of Huizhou is being built.


The ancient commercial pier on the Lianjiang River is not visited by tourists much. There were once warehouses of timber, salt and tea ready to be shipped to Northern China on the picturesque Yuliangze Street. An example of such a building is a tea warehouse on site No. 8. Walls that protected buildings from fires stretch along the street. You can learn about the way of life of old Huizhou in the Baweizu Museum, which is also located on the street. Yuliangjie.

The Lion Bridge dates back to the Tang era. At the same time, the 138-meter granite Yulianba dam was built, blocking the river. From the dam, you can go on a 15-minute boat trip around Lianjiang.

Serene Yulian is perfect for recuperating. In a small hotel you will be given a room with a view of the river. The same hotel ; 2-bed without bathroom / with bath Y60/80; W) – two houses from the first. The owners of both establishments will be happy to cook for you. In addition, they can meet you at the bus station in Shexiang if you notify them of your arrival in advance.