How much does breakfast cost in Prague*

breakfast in Prague
breakfast in Prague

Prague has long attracted tourists from all over the world. The popularity of Prague is due to the fact that there are not only many places in the city that everyone should visit, but also a wonderful cuisine from which you can distinguish excellent draft beer. Every resident of Prague is a mirror of the Czech capital. The population of the city is very friendly. The price of food in Prague varies. You can find places where you will have to pay a good 20 euros for breakfast, and there are restaurants where you can eat well for 10-12 euros per person.

Breakfast in Prague is a way not only to get to know Czech cuisine, but also to feel the centuries-old history of the country and the city in particular. In order for every tourist to find the desired dish for himself, Prague restaurants provide all their customers with a rather colorful menu. For example, a tourist will pay from 5 to 10 euros for local sausages in vegetable sauce. A good wine will cost 30 euros, and a set lunch will be around 10-25 euros, depending on the restaurant.

Tourists who visited this beautiful country for the first time and booked an excursion to Prague are surprised at how many places there are where you can spend money quickly and almost imperceptibly. Despite this first impression, Prague is not like that at all. If desired, you can stay in the city for a week with only 200 euros in your wallet. The Czech Republic is quite an expensive country when compared with Poland, or, for example, with Germany. But, even in Prague, you can save a lot by buying breakfast in local cafes, of which there are more than 200 pieces in the city.

Due to the fact that quite a lot of tourists from Russia come to the city, in Prague you can find a large number of restaurants in which the menu is written in Russian. For example, in the city center, you can find a restaurant where breakfast for a Russian will cost only 5 euros. At the same time, the set includes a cup of coffee, 100 grams of bacon and three eggs.

For a liter of beer at breakfast in Prague, you will have to pay from 10 to 12 euros. The peculiarity of Prague beer is that it is served not in standard beer mugs, but in liter and two-liter cups. This manner of serving beer is typical not only for Prague, but also for cities in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. Every visiting tourist in Prague gets excellent breakfasts and high-quality live beer for his money, the price of which is affordable for both locals and guests of the city.

To make a trip to Prague memorable, it is worth visiting local cafes and restaurants. Their prices for tourists are often much lower than for locals. In this way, the city authorities want to attract the attention of tourists. Another reason to visit Prague is its vibrant history, colorful places and wonderful people.

Every tourist who visits the Czech Republic must necessarily see its capital – Prague. The city has a centuries-old history, which will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. There are many tourist organizations in the city where you can book a tour in the most popular European languages. In addition, some guides provide an opportunity to see the city with a Russian guide.