Samsun Resort


Few travelers stay in the largest port of the Black Sea, Samsung, which occupies a vast territory, longer than the transfer requires. This city is one of the Anatolian tigers. Even the enterprising Genoese only waited a long time before burning the city to the ground in the XV century.

From the point of view of accommodation and eateries, which are very conveniently concentrated around the central square of Cum huriyet Meydam, and Samsun can serve as a successful pit stop. Evidence of development and prosperity can be seen in the center, Turkish economic ambitions are visible in everything here. Cumhuriyet Caddesi Street runs from Cumhuriyet Meydam to the east, along the southern side of Ataturk Park, which borders Ataturk Bulvan in the north.


Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

The most striking thing about this museum, located to the west of the large pink building of Valilia, is a huge Roman-Byzantine mosaic found near Karasamsun. The mosaic depicts Thetis, Achilles and allegories of the Four Seasons surrounded by sea monsters and nymphs. Among other interesting exhibits are gold jewelry, presumably dating from the period around 130-120 BC, the time of the reign of the legendary king Mithridates VI Eupator, as well as a stand designed for spectators of a dozen, showing how the skull was trepanated in antiquity.

Gaza Museum

One block south of Cumhuriyet Meydam, there is a museum dedicated to the War of Independence, which began here on May 19, 1919, and the founding of the Turkish Republic. There are several Ataturk hats on display.