Aksaray Resort


Located under Mount Hassan, Aksaray serves as an illustration of Turkey’s economic prosperity and the growing confidence of citizens in their position. The ugly modern center may not arouse interest, but the city serves as an ideal starting point for visiting the Ikhlara Valley, but it is worth setting aside a couple of hours for Aksaray. If possible, visit the pleasant central square surrounded by government buildings built under the obvious influence of Anatolian traditions


Aksaray Museum

You will have no problems finding this museum, because it is located in a massive building on the way from the bus station to the center of Aksaray, it resembles something like a castle. The collection includes ethnographic and archaeological subjects. The exhibition features Neolithic beads, Hellenistic children’s sarcophagi, Roman incense vessels, carpets from the Ulu mosque and a mummified cat in the hall to give you a ride from there if you don’t want to bring mummies. press into the center.

Ulu jami

The decoration of Ulu Jami is characteristic of the post-Seljuk period. Very few original yellow stones have been preserved in the monumental portal.

Egri Minaret

Built in 1236 and tilted at an angle of 27°, the curious Egri minaret is the oldest part of Aksaray; it is inevitably called the Turkish Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Surroundings of Aksaray

The road between Aksaray and Nevsehir runs along one of the oldest trade routes in the world – Uzun Yol. This route connected the Seljuk capital Konya with other great cities – Kayseri, Sivas and Erzurum, and first of all with Persia.

The long road was originally dotted with caravanserais, where merchants stopped to stay and conduct their business. While in Aksaray, you can visit the remains of three caravanserais; the best preserved is the impressive caravanserai of Agzykar, located 16 km northeast of the city, built between 1231 and 1239. A round trip by taxi from Aksaray will cost about £50. If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can get on the bus going to Nevsehir and get off at the Agzykar caravanserai. A visit to the caravanserai is also included in the program of day excursions from Goreme and Jurgup.

Closer to Nevsehir, you will pass the meager remains of the Tepesidelik caravanserai built in the XIII century, located 23 km northeast of Aksaray, and the 12th-century Alai caravanserai, located another 10 km further.