Mount Nemrut-Dag


For an excursion to the picturesque Nemrut-Dag mountain – not to be confused with the higher Nemrut-Dag mountain, which is located just perfectly to the south of Malatya – Tatvan. It is also convenient to get to Akhlat and Bitlis from here. There is not much to look at in Tatvan, which stretches for several kilometers and has a width of only a couple of blocks, but its location on the shore of Lake Van, surrounded by bare, snow-capped rocks, promises wonderful views. In addition, it is the western port of ferries sailing on Lake Van.

Towering to the north of Tatvan, Mount Nemrut-Dagh is an extinct volcano with several lakes that have arisen in craters – do not confuse it with the more famous Mount Nemrut-Dagh, crowned with giant snow caps, located near Malatya.

Climbing Mount Nemrut-Dag will enrich you with unforgettable impressions. From the edge of the crater there are fantastic views of Lake Van and the city of Tatwan, as well as the nearby craters filled with water. From here you can climb to the top, it will take about 45 minutes – just follow the edge of the crater. On weekdays, only shepherds with their flocks and hoopoes, nuthatches, larks and other birds will keep you company. Follow the dirt road leading down from the edge of the crater – there you will find your own picnic spot.

You can climb here only in the period from mid-May to the end of October – the rest of the time the peak is hidden under snow.