The Emirate of Dubai, unlike other countries of the region, didn’t begin to be enriched due to oil production, and relied on tourism development. So, the authorities of Dubai once decided to build tourist paradise on the lands. It should be noted that chances at this emirate to become the most popular resort of the world, very big. There is everything that is necessary for fine rest: warm sea, remarkable climatic conditions. Nevertheless, tourists – the people experienced, you won’t surprise them with one sea. Give them what more interesting, than chaise lounges with umbrellas, tasty kitchen and excursion trips on local sights.

For this reason the resort began to be built up actively. Investors began to invest huge money in implementation of the brightest projects. So, in one of corners of the city of Dubai the most beautiful fountain in the world and expensive fountain around the world appeared. In a frame of light show water streams move to a music step: that slowly and smoothly, blowing up a powerful stream.

Illumination of the most beautiful fountain is organized by means of 50 big searchlights, and also 1,5 million light installations giving more than 6000 color combinations during representations. At night the luminescence of this fountain is visible even from space. And it isn’t surprising, bright light from light show extends to 20 kilometers around.