The city of Lublin is one of the largest cities in central-eastern Poland, which has experienced many historical events, and has managed to preserve all its flavor over the years. And thanks to the territorial proximity to the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian borders, a good airport and favorable prices for air tickets, the city has become a favorite among budget tourists.

Residents of the former CIS countries come here to study and work, having previously issued a visa for UFA job journey travel agency. But if you find yourself in Lublin not as a student or a person who is looking for a job, but simply as a tourist, be sure you will definitely enjoy a weekend in this city.

There is a lot to see and do here, and the official tourist slogan of Lublin is as follows: “Lublin is a city of inspiration.”

Main sights of Lublin

Acquaintance with the city should begin with the Lublin Castle, where you can also take a map of the Old Town with a description of all the sights, and visit the Museum of Art and Painting, the Historical Museum.

It is definitely worth visiting the castle chapel of St. Trinity, whose frescoes are made in the Russian-Byzantine style. By the way, the chapel is included among the seven wonders of Poland.

After walking around the castle, it is worth climbing the castle tower and enjoying a beautiful panorama of the city from a height of 30m. It also offers a beautiful view of the Castle Square.

Then you should go to the old part of the city, where everything is imbued with the spirit of the Middle Ages: narrow streets, low houses. On the way to the Old Town you will pass the City (Krakow) Gate.

In the historical part of the city there is all the most interesting:

  • The Church of the Dominican Fathers (better known as the Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr). This is one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Lublin;
  • Trinitarian Tower: the tallest building in the city, with a height of 64m. The effort spent on overcoming the path is worth it: the view from the height is simply breathtaking;
  • Lublin Museum;
  • old houses, churches, churches.

You can have a nice time on Lake Zemborzyckie.

And if you have one day free, be sure to visit the town of Kazimierz Dolny, 45 km from Lublin. The town is very colorful thanks to the Jews and Armenians who lived here: Renaissance stone houses, the bank of the Vistula River.

Or another option: visit Pałac w Kozłówce, 30 km from Lublin. The castle is so beautiful that in an instant it seems that you were on the set of the fairy tale “Cinderella”.

If you are not afraid to look death in the eye, then finally you can visit the former Nazi concentration camp Majdanek, which is located 4 km from Lublin. In the camp, almost everything remained in the form in which it was kept at that time: gas chambers, barracks, nail marks on the walls of people who tried to get out of here. In general, the place is not the most pleasant, and it can tickle the nerves: it’s hard not to cry.