London is a city on the River Thames, one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world, which attracts many tourists. It is the capital of Great Britain, the stronghold of English culture and empire. In addition to exciting excursions to historical sites, you can do good, but expensive shopping and have a good time in pubs.

The first thing that strikes the tourist’s eye is the multiculturalism and national diversity on the streets of London. Probably only in London you will be able to see such a cluster of people of different nationalities.

The main pulse of foggy Albion is boiling on the streets: Oxford, Regent. The interweaving of financial institutions, shops, government agencies gives dynamics to the modern life of the British. In these places, London opens up as the financial and fashion capital of the world.

London’s main attractions

Lovers of a more relaxed and cultured holiday can visit the main attractions of London. Of course, listing all the sights of London is boring, since there are a lot of them, and the reader will get tired of remembering them.

After all, being directly in London with one backpack on your shoulders, one of such necessary items during the trip, you will be able to explore all the main monuments of this city on your own. However, the main attractions are still worth mentioning:

  • Buckingham Palace and its famous guard. By the way, the schedule of the changing of the guard is posted on a large sign at the palace.
  • Tower;
  • Big Ben;
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral;
  • Trafalgar Square;
  • Westminster Abbey:
  • Warner Brothers film studio, where the Harry Potter saga was filmed;
  • Palaces: Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court.
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum;
  • London National Gallery;
  • Royal Opera House, Elizabeth II Theatre.

The whole history of England is collected in these places.

Getting to know the city is best not through the window of a double-decker red tourist bus, but in person: by walking or cycling, which is very welcome in London. But a ride on the famous “doubledecker”, taking the best place on the second floor, is still worth it.

There is something amazing about this.

London Parks and Entertainment

And for those who came to London for thrills, welcome to a real English beer pub. A peculiar pub culture lives here, which is deeply integrated into the national consciousness of the British. A cluster of all pubs, restaurants and shops can be found in a small area of Soho, which is also known for the presence of brothels and clubs for homosexuals.

Londoners also like to spend time in parks. It is worth noting that there are beautiful parks everywhere.

London can be proud of a large number of green spaces. The parks that deserve the most attention are:

  • Hyde Park: you can go boating, fish, have breakfast or dinner on the grass;
  • Green Park: from this place it is interesting to watch the entrance to Buckingham Palace;
  • St. James’s Park with its huge pond and funny pelicans;
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew;
  • Richmond Park: Spotted deer roam freely through its expanses.

And finally, let’s say that London is considered the most “polite” city, where the word “sorry” sounds every second.