If you are in search of the most romantic and beautiful city in Europe, where an extraordinary atmosphere of love and magic reigns, where ancient castles delight with their views, and stunning views open from the bridges, then welcome to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The city is located on the banks of the Vltava River, occupying the territory of nine large hills.

The total area of Prague is 500 square kilometers, and the population is more than one million. Prague is a unique city in every sense, which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List due to the huge abundance of historical sights of different eras and styles: Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, Art Nouveau.

There is a mysterious aura in the city: narrow old streets and small houses with red tiles, beautiful castles and ancient bridges, Gothic cathedrals, towers and temples, and of course cozy beer bars, and lanterns on poles. Prague is beautiful at any time and in any weather: you can walk around it for days, months, every year. Excursions to this region are always in demand among tourists, especially on the eve of New Year’s holidays, when the city turns into a fabulous kingdom with lots of bright lanterns. Local guides will tell you all about Prague, take you to the most secret street, lead you to the famous Charles Bridge.

If you decide to go further from this city for new impressions, and buy an excursion from Prague to Nuremberg in summer or autumn, do not doubt that the trip will be one of the best.

The city was not destroyed during the Second World War with its medieval center, paved streets and courtyards, benches.

The Czechs consider their capital a mystical city in which every street has its own legend about ghosts and evil spirits. However, this does not frighten thousands of tourists, for whom Prague is, first of all, a city of love, bright colors and emotions.

Today, many newlyweds are eager to get married or at least hold a photo shoot in the walls of one of the Prague castles.

Administrative Center of Old Prague

The territory of the city is divided into 15 administrative districts. On the right bank of the Vltava there are such interesting areas:

  • Stare Mesto, better known as the Old Town;
  • Nove Mesto (New Town)
  • Jewish quarter, “Josefov”.

On the right bank of Prague you will see such famous sights as:

  • Church of the Virgin Mary;
  • Wenceslas Square;
  • Powder Tower;
  • Dancing House;
  • Old Town Hall;
  • astronomical clock;
  • Visegrad ancient fortress.

But on the left bank of the river is the main symbol of the city – Prague Castle: it is the largest surviving medieval castle. In Prague Castle, you should definitely walk along the Golden Street. Here, in addition to souvenir shops, you can shoot from a medieval crossbow, climb to the top of the Daliborka tower.

The following areas will also be interesting to visit: Mala Strana (Small Country), Hradcany (Hradcany) and the romantic island of Kampa.

Other sights of Prague

For daredevils, an excursion to the ancient Olshansky cemetery will be interesting.

It is also worth noting in your notebook such places to visit in Prague as: Troisky Castle, the Church of the Most Holy Heart of the Lord, the Petrshinskaya Tower, the treasury of Loreta, Krzyzhikov fountains.

There are 10 bridges spanning the Vltava River, but the most important of them is the Charles Bridge in the Gothic style, decorated with ancient sculptures. This is the most favorite and romantic place to meet.

If you are not traveling alone, but with a child, be sure to visit the Prague Zoo: one of the largest zoos in Europe.

Traveling to Prague will be incomplete if you do not visit one of the pubs and taste the famous Czech beer. It is even better to go for a tasting at the Smikhov brewery.

A separate article should tell about all the castles, museums and theaters in Prague, as their number reaches several dozen.

You fall in love with this city at first sight, and you want to come here again and again. Just don’t need to pack a big suitcase. Prague is not Paris, where you need to walk in heels and in beautiful outfits.

In this city you will walk from the very morning until late at night, until your legs get tired. That’s why only light shoes, shorts, a T-shirt and a backpack. And, of course, a camera.