In the relatively small country of Finland, there is everything for a memorable and health-improving holiday. These are the natural features of the country, and beautiful resorts that are not the last in Europe, and, of course, the unique Finnish culture.

Finland is a beautiful country with a picturesque nature. In it, tourists are waiting for huge fields, quiet and calm lakes, noisy green forests and unforgettable shores of the Baltic Sea. The unique nature of this country amazes every season. The territory of Finland is filled with natural beauties: rivers, picturesque waterfalls, curious caves. The most important objects for Finland are located in special places protected by the state. The natural beauty of the country, untouched by man, presented all the necessary factors for extreme tourists.

Snowmobile races, reindeer and dog sledding, as well as leisurely skiing, fishing and rallies on icy lands are provided in this area. About 70% of the country’s land is under the rule of forests.
Finland is not only a country of landscapes of living and inanimate nature. There are many interesting places in it. For example, the recreation and entertainment park of Santa Claus, created for a cheerful mood and pastime in the final days before the New Year.

A lot of interesting places can be found in Tampere – a town that was founded more than three hundred years ago. There is a very special culture in this town. A large number of different events are regularly held there, for example, “Tampere Jazz Happening” – a music festival of jazz compositions, “Tampereen syavel” and “Pispalan sottisi” – festivals of singing in the choir. Also, tourists should look into the recreation park called “Syarkyanniemi”, located near the small lake Nyasiyarvi. There are a lot of interesting things in the park, in it anyone will find something to their liking. Connoisseurs are ordered to enter the museum of modern art, the curious have a direct road to the high observation tower, and young guests of the country and their parents – to the local zoo, a large amusement park, an amazing planetarium and much more.

Fans of extreme sports will like as many as 700 meters of roller coasters under the appropriate name “Tornado”. You can also find the Eden Water Park in Finland. There is a cultural rehabilitation program organized there. The eternal tropical weather of the park contributed to this. There is also a museum for children in Finland – the Valley of the Moomins. There, visitors will see many characters from fairy tales, and will also have the opportunity to play in a large house, as if taken out of fantasy into the real world. In a Finnish city called Rovaniemi, a tourist has a chance to see the native house of everyone’s beloved Santa Claus.

There is also a place in Finland for those who love sports events. The most suitable place for skiers and skaters is the Kuopio resort. So many trails are presented here that it is possible to get to them directly from the door of your hotel. The most luxurious and comfortable resort is called Levi. He has already won the “Resort of the Year” award three times. The third favorite place of athletes was the Vuakatti resort, where there are restaurants, clubs, shady courts and all conditions for winter recreation.

Tourists are delighted with Finland

Resorts in Finland are especially popular with vacationers. What is the reason for this? The fact that Finland, being located in the Scandinavian part of Europe, is able to leave in memory after a rest a lot of wonderful impressions of the sights seen, which are famous for their uniqueness. In addition, there is a wonderful culture there, you can even call it unique, and an interesting story makes you plunge into the world of the past of this country.

Those people who cannot afford to go to Finland for a vacation for various reasons can buy a weekend tour, positive emotions will not keep you waiting.
Qualified guides will conduct excursions to all the interesting places of Trana, while telling new stories about it. The program of such tours includes fishing, which tourists can enjoy in full.
Another object that attracts attention is the residence of Santa Claus and it is located in Lapland. This well-known landmark is interesting to see for both children and adults.

When traveling outside the city, along the way, there are a large number of signs that warn that moose live there. You can see them in person more than once, as they are the pride of Finland after Santa Claus.
There is not a lot of population in Finland in relation to the occupied area, and excellent natural conditions make it possible to completely escape from mundane routine and fatigue, filling every cell of the body with a sense of calm and tranquility from communicating with nature. Choosing a tour to this beautiful country, people provide themselves with the prospect of the fullness of joyful sensations from the entertainment offered there: safari sleigh rides, walks along forest paths, mountain skiing and riding on them, cycling, snowboarding, kayaking and a large number of other equally exciting offers.

In Finland, good weather is observed at any time of the year, as this country is distinguished by mild climatic conditions with dry air. These features lead to a person feeling a higher air temperature than it is. Therefore, in winter it is also permissible and pleasant to rest there. It is impossible to see the polar night in any part of the world. This is the most beautiful sight, which, as if by magic, changes from darkness to semi-darkness and does not end very quickly. There will be enough time to enjoy it to the fullest.

When there are no clouds in the sky at night, vacationers have a chance to contemplate such a natural phenomenon as the Northern lights, which also will not leave anyone indifferent.
The inhabitants of Finland are hospitable and good-natured, they will never pass by a person if he asks for any help, communicating in English.
As for money, you need to take euros with you on the trip. With this currency, tourists can pay for any entertainment and services, as well as buy everything they need. Buying a tour to this beautiful northern country should not even allow the thought that it might not be interesting there, since there is something to see in Finland.