Japan is an island state, that is, it is located on islands. You can often hear such an epithet in relation to Japan — “The Land of the Rising Sun”. Everyone has heard it, but why Japan is called the land of the rising sun is unclear to many.

You should refer to the name of the country itself to understand. The real name of the country is Nihon. Those who know Japanese calligraphy will immediately understand that this word means the Sun and the root, that is, the beginning. From this comes the derived word sunrise. In addition, it is the Japanese who are the first to meet the sunrise.

But did people know when they called the country that it is located where the dawn comes before everyone else? Probably, it’s definitely something else here. Such a poetic name was given to the country thanks to a simple belief. Previously, people were absolutely sure that sunrise means only bright, good. Therefore, they believed in the bright future of their people.

Japan is one of the few countries whose people not only believe in different beliefs, but also have high spirituality. For example, the younger generation of Japanese residents have good feelings, and also have respect for the adult and elderly generation. No one treats old people with disdain. Young people tenderly take care of their elders.

Japan is an amazing country! So many secrets are hidden in it. People know how to enjoy small things, they appreciate all their traditions. The Japanese are able to notice everything and appreciate a small manifestation of the beautiful, beautiful. Everything that surrounds this amazing people, everything that thrives around the Japanese. For example, the sakura tree. Every year they arrange a look at how the cherry blossoms bloom. It’s really fascinating.

Many Japanese poets glorified cherry-sakura in their works, and also compared girls with the beauty of sakura. During cherry blossoms, houses in cities decorate it with flowers.

For the Japanese, the most important thing in their life is a harmonious living together with nature. They take great care of their nature and their property. Therefore, in Japan there are a huge number of holidays that are celebrated every year. These holidays are dedicated to trees and plants.

The land of the rising Sun – Japan fits perfectly into the diversity of the world, thereby remaining itself. The artistic culture of Japan is holistic and reflects many things in Japanese life. Therefore, Japan is called the land of the rising Sun.