At least once in your life, everyone asks the question: where is the cheaper vacation at sea? After all, not many people are satisfied to spend their vacation on a boring city or garden beds.

So, you have firmly decided that you need a cheap vacation at the sea. To begin with, you should decide for what time your trip will be released, which type of vacation you are more interested in. If you are fans of an interesting holiday, where there is an excellent excursion program, then you should pay attention to tours with historical cities. But if you are going on vacation to admire the sunsets at the beach or to soak up the silky sand, it is better to choose a vacation in a hotel with excellent infrastructure.

If you dream that a day’s rest on the beach smoothly flows into unforgettable night parties, then you need to pay attention to resort centers and nearby hotels. For young people, the best holiday options are hotels in Spain and Italy, Bulgaria, Ibiza, Majorca and Cyprus.

What is the cost of the tour and how is it cheaper to relax by the sea?

And now let’s move on to the most important point of our conversation – the cost of the tour. What can the price of the tour depend on? For example, from the date of arrival. The seasonality factor greatly affects the cost of the tour. No less important is the duration of the trip. After all, the more time you spend on vacation, the more expensive it is. The variety of infrastructure also affects the increase in cost, as well as the star rating of the hotel, the included meals, the number of travelers. It’s great if your tour is discounted.

Where can you have a great and cheap vacation at the sea

It is worth noting that the variety of such places is amazing. However, you will have to sacrifice some of your comfort in order to save costs. For example, to change 5-star hotels to 2-3-star hotels, or to replace an airplane with a train, and possibly a bus. If you choose a hotel not on the first line, then the price of accommodation will also be significantly lower. If you do not want to reduce the comfort of your vacation at all, then you can think about buying a tour at the beginning or end of the season. In summer, countries differ in relative cheapness: Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Tunisia. If you want something historical, tours to Sweden, Estonia, Finland are perfect. You can go there by bus. Since these countries are not far away, this move will not be so tedious.

Another good offer can be “last minute” vouchers. Especially if you have a visa on hand, and you are ready to fly even tomorrow. If there is no visa, it does not matter either. There are also “last minute” vouchers to visa-free countries. The most preferred countries are Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey. Any travel agency will be happy to help you choose a cheap vacation by the sea.