One of the best countries for medical rest is Hungary. There are all conditions for recovery. There are more than 1300 thermal springs at your service, as well as a huge number of medical resorts that are distinguished by a high level of service.

The most popular resort in the country is Heviz. Its waters are alkaline-bicarbonate and sulfuric in composition. The resort is recommended for visiting people with various inflammatory processes, hormonal imbalance, diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity.

Before visiting a medical resort, it is imperative to consult with your doctor, since such a vacation is contraindicated for people with malignant tumors and chronic heart diseases.

The course and type of treatment with Heviz waters are individually selected by doctors for each patient, depending on his disease. Treatment can be both external – bathing, and internal – drinking.

Another famous resort is Hajdusoboslo. The composition of its water includes iodine, titanium, bitumen, copper, vanadium, zinc and barium. It is useful to visit patients with chronic joint diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, muscle pain, neurological diseases, women’s diseases, as well as in postoperative and post-traumatic periods.

It offers not only water services, but also therapeutic massage, laser therapy, therapeutic gymnastics and much more. Hotels and campsites are always open for guests of the resort, where food is prepared with the addition of medicinal water. There is also a water park and other entertainment facilities for tourists.

The next resort is Sharvar. There are two healing springs there. The first in composition is sodium chloride. It is worth visiting for rheumatism, sclerosis, women’s diseases and skin diseases.

The second source is alkaline-bicarbonate. It will help to heal from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory tract.

The resort also offers electrotherapy and air baths. And on its territory there is a unique salt cave.

There are healing springs in other resorts of Hungary — the Count’s Baths, Szecheni, Balatonfüred, etc.