Pyramids are very mysterious structures that attract tourists from all over the world with their greatness. In addition, their origin is unknown to man, which makes them even more mysterious. Trips to the pyramids are being made more and more often, and the question “how much does an excursion to the pyramids cost” interests everyone.

Pyramids of Cairo

The most famous pyramids in the world are located in Egypt, where there are about 140 different pyramids. The biggest of them are the most mysterious for a person. There is an opinion that a human hand could not create such a structure without modern technology. And they tend more to the fact that they were built by aliens.

The pyramids here are located along the coast of the Nile River. But tourists are attracted mainly by the most famous in the world – those located in the Giza necropolis.

The price of a ticket for an excursion depends on which city of Egypt you are going to it from and on what. And the distances from the resort towns of Egypt to the pyramids are not small – from 450 to 570 km. That is, get ready for the fact that you will spend a day from your vacation on an excursion.

Now about how much an excursion to the pyramids in Cairo costs. From the resort of Hurghada, the tour is possible by bus, the cost is $ 60. From Sharm el-Sheikh, a bus trip will cost $ 55, and by plane $ 185. From Taba they are taken by bus for $ 65, and by plane for $ 265. All prices are for adults. For children, as a rule, prices are 20 dollars cheaper.

Pyramids of the Chichen-Itza complex

Chichen Itza is an ancient city founded by the Maya Indians. The pyramid of Kukulkan on the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most visited places by tourists who came to Mexico. It is a nine-step pyramid, 24 meters high.

A ticket to the archaeological complex of Chichen Itza itself will cost about $ 15. And the cost of the tour also depends on the resort where you are. The average price for an adult is from $ 80 to $ 150. For children, as a rule, it is cheaper.

Pyramids of China

The complex of huge pyramids is located in China, in Shaanxi province. The height of the largest of them is about 300 meters, which is twice as high as the pyramid of Giza. There are more than 100 pyramids of unknown origin. Little is known about the time of their existence. Except for the fact that the first records of them were made 5,000 years ago.

Excursions to the pyramids are made in the complex of the tour of China. And the cost of tours depends on their duration. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question “how much does an excursion to the pyramids cost” in China. To see the great Chinese pyramids, you will have to pay for a tour of China from $ 1,500 or more.

Pyramids of Guatemala

A wonderful country, famous for its cleanest lakes in the world, numerous volcanoes, pyramids and descendants of the Maya tribe, whose main treasures are kept in the Museum of Archeology.

Tikal is the largest Mayan city located in Guatemala. The pyramids of Tikal were made public only a century and a half ago.

Dozens of majestic pyramids located here have made the city popular among tourists. According to some sources, the city was previously called “Jaguar Hills”.

In addition to the pyramids, Tikal is famous for hundreds of unique temples. The work is being carried out by archaeologists to this day, as it is known that only part of the complex was excavated.

Helicopter trips are offered from the capital to Lake Atitlan, to the pyramids, to fly over volcanoes.

How much does an excursion to the pyramids in Tikal cost depends on the resort and transport. Basically, sightseeing trips are made by helicopter. The cost of renting a helicopter is about $ 1,000 per hour.