Many who go on vacation to Israel, stop their attention on the city of Tel Aviv. This is one of the most popular resorts, a large economic and cultural center of the country, where life boils both day and night. Locals say that there is no time to be bored in the city: at any time of the day you can have fun and take a walk.

Not only the main finances, fashion, industry, and trade of Israel are concentrated here, but also restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that are found on every square meter. Despite all this fuss and noise, you can relax in the city 100%.

This resort town is more suitable for young, active people, couples, but not for families with young children.

Translated from Hebrew, “Tel Aviv” is designated as “the hill of spring”. The city was founded in 1909 on a beautiful sandy beach. Its founders are from Poland, Russia, and Germany. Such a multinational nature was reflected in the appearance of the city itself.

Sights of Tel Aviv

Seaside Boulevard stretches along the city to the ancient city of Jaffa.

It is believed that this is where Noah built his ark, and went on a journey. This is the oldest city on earth, which belongs to the Egyptians, Jews, Persians, Phoenicians, Romans, and Greeks: each of these peoples has left its mark on the history of this unique city.

There are many museums in the city: the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, the Museum of Art, the Eretz Israel Museum. However, it is worth highlighting the Diamond Exchange Museum, which has no equal in the whole world. There are only 4 diamond exchanges in the world specializing in diamond cutting, and one of them is located in Tel Aviv.

There are also many places of worship in the city. Since its foundation, several hundred synagogues have been built.

Given that the Mediterranean climate prevails here and very hot, dry summers, there are many parks in the city, which occupy 15% of the territory of Tel Aviv. For example, Dizengoff Park, in the middle of which there is a beautiful fountain.

The giant Ramat Gan Park with an area of 100 hectares. The park consists of two parts: an open park in which animals walk freely, and the second part is a conventional zoo – predators are kept in cages.

The best observation deck of the city is located at the top of a complex of three skyscrapers in the center of Tel Aviv. The complex consists of round, triangular, square towers. The tallest is a round tower, 187 m high.

Tel Aviv Beaches

However, the most important attraction of the city is a wonderful gift from nature – it is 14 km of a wonderful seashore. In the summer season, the coast attracts thousands of vacationers. It offers vacationers 12 beautiful sandy beaches, which are fully equipped, and safety on the water is carried out by rescuers.

The cleanliness of the beaches here is at a high level. For the summer season, the beaches open in April. The period from November to March is the best time for surfers. At this time, the average water temperature is +16 °C.

It is better to walk around the city on foot, but the transport infrastructure is so developed here that you are unlikely to stand in traffic jams for a long time. City transport and taxis travel along a special lane, bypassing traffic jams, which is very convenient and practical.

And even if you haven’t stopped in Tel Aviv, all roads still lead to this city.

Buses from all cities of Israel arrive at the central bus station Tahane Merkazit all day long. And if you intend to stay in this city, then the tour operator in Israel will choose the best vacation options for you.

How to get to Tel Aviv

The city is located just 10 km from the international airport. David Ben-Gurion, and serves as an important transportation hub of the country. In addition, all the railways of the country converge in the city.

Where to stay

The hotel system here is at a high level: from budget hostels to expensive 5-star hotels.

Most of the hotels are located in the city center and along the beach line. A cheaper settlement option is to hiccup in the south of Tel Aviv, or stay in the immediate vicinity. For example, Ramat Gan or Bat Yam, Holon or Givatayim.