Las Vegas is a city that is completely different from other places on the map, better known as the world center of casinos and show business. Here are the most fashionable, expensive hotels, the best shows in the world with the participation of world pop stars, elite restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. Every building in Las Vegas is unique in its design. Sometimes there are just not enough words to describe all the splendor, wealth and charm that are present in the city.

The main street is the Strip Street, where the nightlife of the city boils.

Outside of it, Las Vegas resembles an ordinary American town, which differs, perhaps, in that it lives off the financing of the main street.

All entertainment centers and hotels are located very close to each other, so you can walk to them or use taxi services. According to the latest data, there are about 80 casinos in Las Vegas, several thousand slot machines, and 19 of the largest hotels in the world are located here. Of course, on the main street you will find elite boutiques that are more like museums, restaurants and bars for every taste and purse size.

Shrimps, lobsters, caviar, oysters, elite drinks just flow like a river here.

A special place in Las Vegas belongs to theatrical life. Just imagine Cirque Du Soleil with a unique show, a fabulous Jubilee evening at Bally’s Hotel. Each hotel in its program has a crown presentation, a special highlight. So, for example, the Luxor Hotel, which is built in the shape of the pyramid of Cheops in black light, is distinguished by a bright powerful beam of light, symbolizing the immortality of the soul. The tomb of Tutankhamun is completely reproduced in the hotel itself.

And in the Caesars Palace Hotel, near the main entrance, there is a full-length statue of Michelangelo’s David.

Here you will also find a Russian bar under the laconic name “Red Square”, at the entrance to which there is a bronze monument to Lenin.

Las Vegas opens its doors not only to lovers of night gambling, but also for many newlyweds. So, every year more than a hundred thousand people take an oath of eternal love. Surprisingly, chapels are located here at every step. The most iconic place is the chapel of the Little White Wedding Chapter.

For a fee, you can order an Elvis Presley lookalike in it, who will perform several hits and pronounce the catchphrase: “In the name of Elvis Presley, I declare you husband and wife.”

You should definitely visit the museums of Las Vegas. Here, of course, you will not find an art gallery or a museum of creativity, but you will visit a museum dedicated to the mafia and atomic tests.

When going to Las Vegas, do not forget to bring a suitcase of money with you: you will definitely need it here.