Every year more than 15 million tourists come to Turkey, staying at such famous resorts as Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Marmaris, Bodrum. These are lively tourist areas where all conditions are created for a wonderful, active holiday, with fun and night lights and where you can get by buying burning tour.

The complete opposite of the famous resort is the small Turkish town of Dalyan, which is located on the Dalyan River of the same name, and no more than 8 thousand inhabitants live in it.

Most often, a visit to this city is included in the point of sightseeing routes, but in fact Dalyan deserves more attention, and it’s worth staying here for a couple of days.

This place is ideal for those who like a relaxing holiday, without noisy bars, in the embrace of nature and silence. The city is cut by beautiful straits, rivers, and therefore it is often called “Turkish Venice”.

Climate and nature of Dalyan

There is never bad weather in Turkey, but it is best here in spring and summer, when the weather is favorable for recreation and the sea spoils with warm water.

Regarding the city of Dalyan, it is located in a fairly comfortable climatic zone. Here in winter the temperature rarely drops below +12 degrees, and in summer the maximum +29 – +3 0grades. At the same time, the feeling of heat does not particularly arise, since a cool breeze always blows from the river. The mild climate promotes the growth of green vegetation. There are many palm trees, more than 100 species, an amber tree, which is rarely found in nature. In terms of ecology, the city and its outskirts are very clean.

Sights of Dalyan

The city cannot boast of fashionable hotels, expensive bars, but its main highlight is historical and natural attractions.

The ancient city of Kavnos (Kaunos), or rather its ruins: amphitheater, Roman baths, agora. According to the data, the city was founded in the 5th century BC, and was a large major trading center on the Aegean Sea.

Rock Lycian tombs of the 2nd century BC buildings that can be seen from any point of the embankment, and at night they are also illuminated by lights.

Iztuzu Beach: wide, picturesque, located on a sandy spit, 6 km long, and fully equipped for a comfortable stay. However, the beach is famous primarily for the fact that it is a favorite place of turtles.

There are two types of rare turtles: the Nile turtle with a snake head and the Caretta-Caretta turtle. That’s why not all parts of the beach are allowed to relax and swim. In the evening, after 20.00, the beach is closed to the public.

Mud baths, both with mineral and thermal water. The most famous is located near Mount Olmez.

A very common activity in Dalian is fishing for blue crabs, and a boat trip to the ruins of an ancient city or down the river to the sea.

You should definitely take a walk along the long embankment along the Dalyan River, and buy a magnet with the image of a turtle as a souvenir.

It is the turtle that is the main symbol of the city, and there is a monument to it in the center.

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