Jordan has an amazingly rich cultural and archaeological patrimony, many natural wonders and a particularly welcoming people that should make of tourism a motor for the economy.

Jordan offers a wide choice of climbing, trekking, cycling and horse riding possibilities. The crystalline Red Sea waters are famous all over the world for the richness of their submarine fauna and flora, considered as a paradise for divers.

But the most important thing for the time being is a testimonial approach; that is to bring as many foreign visitors and people from the press to show them that tourism is safe (often more than in European capitals) and business as usual.

The recent investments of international hotel chains are there to proof that we are not the only one to trust in the future of Jordan as a leading tourist destination. Images of the ancient Nabatean city of Petra , carved from the rock over a thousand years ago, have long been most people’s first impression of Jordan . But while Petra is indeed one of the most stunning attractions in the Middle East , Jordan offers so much more for the modern traveller.

A well-traveled bridge between sea and desert, east and west, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty and contrasts, from the Jordan Valley , fertile, ever changing, to the remote desert canyons, immense and still. Visitors can explore splendid desert castles, gaze in awe at the haunting wilderness of Wadi Rum, or bathe in the restful waters of the Red Sea .

For adventure lovers, there’s horse riding, 4×4 safaris, rock climbing and hiking. For taking it easy, nothing on earth compares to the Red Sea and its many spa facilities.

Nature enthusiasts have many options in Jordan : the vast, silent drama of Wadi Rum, the forested hills of central Jordan , or the plunging Jordan Rift Valley that includes the Dead Sea – the lowest spot on earth at 410 meters below sea level. The Red Sea resort of Aqaba is always warm, balmy, and enticing for divers and other water sports enthusiasts. Aqaba offers a full range of facilities for speed boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, fishing, swimming, water skiing, wind surfing, or simply loafing and sunning in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea . The sparkling purple mountains surrounding Aqaba beckon hikers who seek new adventures, and unconquered terrain.

Jordan boasts other unique, enticing waters that provide relaxing interludes for adventure vacationers who want to rest their spirits and soak their bodies. Quality hotels and spas at the Dead Sea and the nearby Hammamat Zarqa Ma’in Springs allow visitors to experience several different kinds of mineral hot springs and the thick, warm brine of the Dead Sea , which are both soothing and therapeutic. One of the great water adventures in Jordan is to hike, climb and sometimes even wade or swim through the magnificent gorge of the Wadi Mujib, along the east coast of the Dead Sea , to reach a magical pool and waterfall that emerge like a mirage from amidst the surrounding warm cliffs and barren hillsides.

The more daring adventure visitor to Jordan is likely to climb mountains in Wadi Rum to conquer sheer granite cliffs that retain the inscriptions of local climbers who were there 5000 years ago and more.

Thrill-seekers who want to go beyond the ordinary will get into a helicopter or hot air balloon and rise to mountain-tops in Wadi Rum or around Petra , from where they can trek back down to earth. Gliding and private plane rentals are also available in Jordan , only from Marka Airport in Amman.