If you plan to go to the UK, the following top 5 destinations In The UK should not be missed.


Where else could we start this list, but London? Britain’s capital is full of must-see attractions, from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London. There are pleanty of really excellent museums and art galleries too – many of which are free. The extensive underground train network ensures that you will be able to get from one place to another quickly and easily – book a convenient hotel, and you should have no trouble taking all the trips across the city that you desire. Always remember, however, that the city has much more to offer than the better-known landmarks: do some digging and you will find a wealth of history, all there to be experienced.


Scotland will offer no shortage of locations for the discerning traveler. While major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh are the most obvious choices, also bear in mind that Scotland is a perfect location to enjoy some natural sights. Take a trip across the highlands and you can lose yourself in some truly picturesque surroundings, from mountains to waterfalls. So, whether you are hoping for a stay in a modern city or to forget your troubles in amongst the unspoilt treasures of nature, give a thought to visiting Scotland for your next holiday destination.


Brighton is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy the sort of traditional seaside break that has been a family favorite for generations. With all of the standard seaside attractions – piers, amusement arcades, fish and chips, you name it – you will find it hard to beat Brighton. Also note that the city of Brighton is a popular hot spot with Britain’s gay community – if you are at all interested in LGBT-related attractions, then you should definitely be able to find something which will catch your eye in Brighton.


The home of the world famous Cambridge University, Cambridge is a place which has something of a reputation as the city of books. If you are a book-lover then you will be spoilt for choice in Cambridge – bookshops about and you will be given plenty of opportunities to pick up some rare volumes at reasonable prices. But even if you do not plan to spend your holiday collecting books, the city of Cambridge still has plenty to offer: the River Cam is open to punting, while there are many large and peaceful parks that will provide to perfect location for a relaxing walk in the fresh air.


Finally, we come to Liverpool, a city which became an international byword for youth culture back in the Beatlemania of the sixties. With annual festivals and many family attractions you can count on having a good time during your trip; you will also get the chance to see such world famous landmarks as Blackpool Tower and the River Mersey. Liverpool is also a city which is proud to honour its contributions to popular culture: so, keep a look out for the many Beatles-related tours and hot spots if that is your area of interest…