Egypt is an extremely diverse country. And the climate of the country also varies depending on the region of the country. In the north and in the central part, the climate is quite mild subtropical, with moderately hot humid summers. In the south of Egypt, the climate is tropical, extremely arid tropical with sharp fluctuations in daytime temperature – it is unbearably hot during the day, and quite cold at night.

Winter in the north and in the center of Egypt is mild with many sunny and warm days and cool pleasant nights.

In the resorts of the Red Sea, the sky is almost always clear, without clouds, so the weather here is ideal for relaxing at any time of the year. Rain is very rare in these places. The water temperature in the Red Sea does not fall below 19 degrees in winter, and in summer it reaches +30.

The hottest season in Egypt is from July to October. The temperature in the southern regions can reach +35 C at this time, such high temperatures are not very popular with vacationers, so the main tourist season in Egypt begins in October. At this time, the days become less hot, and the coolness of the night does not cause inconvenience.

The climate in Egypt contributes to the country’s huge popularity as a vacation destination.