Lake Geneva is considered the largest in Europe. The water in it is very clean, but cool. You can swim in it only in mid-July and early August. The picturesque places around the lake are particularly impressive. The resort bases near Lake Geneva are very diverse. Anyone can find for themselves what they like. Mountain landscapes, clean air, clear water – all this splendor can be found at the resorts of this lake. The most popular resorts are Montreux and Lausanne.

Older people prefer to relax in Montreux. No wonder this resort is called aristocratic. You will be accommodated in a cozy hotel room. Luxury restaurants, quiet cafes, private medical institutions with a variety of modern treatment methods – all this awaits you in Montreux. Lausanne is considered more of a youth resort.

The shores of Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe, can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful places in the world. In small towns located near the largest lake in Europe, you will find many historical monuments. Lovers of antiquity will discover an amazing and fascinating world here. The Swiss Riviera is exactly what this area is called, by those who have visited it at least once.