There are a large number of expensive and inexpensive resorts on the Black Sea, but the Azure is considered the best place to relax on the Black Sea. The resort town of Lazurnoye is a quiet and small, but popular with many residents of Ukraine and Russia, a resort town. Lazurnoye resort accepts tourists from the end of May to September. All these months, the resort proves every year that it is the best place to relax by the sea among all the places on the Black Sea coast.

Most tourists stay in the private sector, that is, in small private houses, cottages where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are a large number of children’s camps in Lazurny, where for a little money you can send your beloved child to gain strength and energy.

Practically all places to relax by the sea attract tourists with a variety of entertainment programs, and Azure is no exception. Here you can ride boats, you can order a parachute flight (when the parachute with which you fly is tied to the boat and rolled on the sea), special small children’s slides are built for children.

As in any other resort, there are both expensive cafes and restaurants, and not so much, in which you can sit and relax wonderfully, spending no more than 200 UAH.

Clubs and discos work on the embankment at night, so young people have a place to have fun and come off 100 percent.