Egypt is a popular tourist destination, where hundreds of thousands of our compatriots go on vacation every summer. One of the advantages of a holiday in this exotic country is the possibility of organizing your pastime independently.

When dealing with the organization of your vacation, you need to first of all take care of housing for the rest period. Local hotels allow you to reserve hotel rooms several months before the expected check-in date.

You can book a room in an Egyptian hotel either by filling out a questionnaire in the appropriate section of the website or by calling the hotel itself. You can also use the services of intermediaries who offer services for booking hotels for recreation.

The cost of intermediaries’ services is not too high (on average they charge about $ 50 for booking), which allows you to use their services often. If you are traveling to Egypt for the first time, we recommend using the services of such intermediaries. In the future, after gaining experience and choosing the right hotel for you, you will be able to book hotels yourself.

The cost of staying in a hotel depends on a number of factors – its category of stars, the availability of full board, or only Buffet breakfasts, distance from the sea, time of year. On average, hotel accommodation will cost you an amount starting from twenty dollars per day. In elite five-star hotels that offer full board, the cost of living can be about a hundred dollars per night.