Grand Canyon – park which accepts every year in stone-green embraces more than 4 000 000 tourists from everything to the world and opens before you beauty of the nature and soft shine of eternity. If you were going to go here and already equipped a backpack, it is a high time to get acquainted with rules and features of park.

“For record to the tourist”: in total about travel to Grand Canyon

As for those who purposefully seek out the company of sharks they clearly have a death wish. Because shark attacks on humans around the world are exceedingly rare despite popular belief to the contrary.

When to go to travel?

Time of visit of park depends on your preferences. In the fall and in the spring at tops can be cool and snowy. And here in the middle of the summer you will suffer from the exhausting heat. It is difficult to answer a question of time spent here precisely and unambiguously: it is enough to someone “to scramble” to the very top, to make couple of panoramic pictures and “to fly” back. Someone will long examine each plant, each cultural and architectural place of interest.

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

IMPORTANT! The best time for visit of park – from May to September. Try to plan travel quite so.

  • Winter. Here rather “severe” conditions in winter time: a frost, ice on footpaths and feeling of “Ice Age”. And many objects during this period are closed for visit by tourists. Because of snowfalls there can be inaccessible main roads so the trip on the car should be postponed until the best times.
  • Spring. Since April tourist activity begins here. But this time nevertheless not absolutely is suitable for travel: there are strong winds, temperature doesn’t rise higher than +15 degrees in the afternoon, and snow sometimes falls.
  • Summer. To Saut-Rome quite comfortable temperature – to +32 degrees, and the valley of the river “is concerned” in +40 degrees at all. But also at this time it is necessary “to get on good weather” because the nature is capricious pouring rains, thunder-storms and even a tornado.
  • Fall. Temperature becomes lower therefore it is necessary to put on more warmly. But for the rest very much even comfortable time for small travel.

Where to stop on a lodging for the night / to have a bite/have a rest?

  • Campings. Tent camp are created for those who aren’t afraid of an environment and dream to spend night under stars.
  • Hotels. Option for the tourist coddled by the benefits of a civilization who dreams to spend time with comfort.
  • Lodges. They will suit those who dream not just to spend time with comfort, but also to plunge in particular local life, to experience on themselves culture and life of those who “live” here long ago.

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

5 rules which you have to observe in the territory of the Canyon

  • The ticket cost (special permission) – 10 dollars. It allows to remain in the territory of a canyon with spending the night.
  • It is forbidden to approach wild animals (and furthermore to call or feed them).
  • It is impossible to leave behind garbage: collect everything in packages, throw out in special containers.
  • It is forbidden to float in the river Colorado. Water in it rushes with a speed up to 20 km/h and has temperature of +8 degrees. Water procedure is life-threatening.
  • Don’t throw stones or garbage from height: you can wound other tourists or animals.

As for actual death by shark attack, that’s even rarer. Like 1 in 3,748,067 to be exact. You are more likely to die while digging a sand hole on the beach.

To buy food, it is possible to come about a supermarket or into the shop located in park. So those who arrived with a camp do: there is nothing better than an outdoor recreation, the food cooked on a fire and songs to the guitar. If laziness to spend time for cooking, it is possible to go to Grand Canyon Village and to sit down at one of local cafes or restaurants. In northern part of park there is Grand Canyon Lodge where it is possible to have a rest and to have a bite nourishingly.

Grand Canyon – the place which became a tourist mecca. Exactly from here fascinating travel and inspiring stories which remain in memory for the rest of life begin. We will lay aside panoramic views from which takes the breath away. We will talk about historical, cultural, tourist and architectural sights which Grand Canyon will present to each tourist.

Grand Canyon – the place where there will be your best and bright impressions! Pleasant trip!

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon