If there’s one mystery, the enigmatic magic of nature, then it has been pictured here, in the Antelope Canyon. Red walls have become the shelter for the sun rays playing around up and down there, the special air impregnated with freshness and danger and a mild veil of mystery… This place is not included in the list of national parks, but it attracts tourists from all over the world dreaming of touching the nature’s power. And it’s petrifying indeed.

CAUTION! The sight is situated on the territory of Navaho tribe and belongs to the natives.

You’ve got to pay to attend and you also need to hire a guide. The natives are used to collect a group of 7-8 people, and then take them across the canyon on a jeep. This service costs for about 5-7$ per hour. But if you’re not in time, the group is full, you have to wait. Option B: you can save your time and buy the excursion, go and ask Page (25-40$).

Antelope Canyon

If you are going to break on through to the other side of the canyon on your own, you’re risking much. When it rains, “The Antelope” is filled with water in instant, so the frivolous tourist are destined to be washed away and thrown out on the other side of the world. So did the touristic group in 1997: 11 people did not return from the extreme journey.

The Antelope Canyon The Antelope Canyon

What is the Antelope canyon?

The nature maiden has been created for centuries. For hundreds of years the alliance of water and wind has sharpened huge holes in crimson sandstone. During seasons of rain those holes are inundated with water which devastates with its tempestuous flows pieces of sand and creates itself unique patterns.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is situated on the borderline with Utah and it is for about 240 km from The Great Colorado Canyon. For visiting seeded with ginger shades of the sun terrain you better choose March or April. This is the time when “Antelope” turns to one of the most mysterious places on the planet, where it is sunny, warm and amazingly wonderful. It is indeed, so no camera is able to get this charm.

Upper canyon: “where the water hugs the rocks”.

This is a kind of romantic name given by the Navaho. The tourists dwell there quiet often because the High canyon is at ground level, so it doesn’t require abrupt descents or hard lifts. And the beauty of sunrays coming from small openings above your heads goes right into your hearts and makes you love every centimeter. The best time to visit it is lunch, when the sun is at its zenith, when it lights the canyon with millions of rays getting every single hole and taking all vacant parts in the air.

Upper canyon

Low Antelope: “spiral arcs”

There are far less tourists here. However, the ones who succeeded in getting here by narrow stairs, they will find the reward they deserve – an ability to see all the beauty which can be described with neither words nor photographs. The best time to make a visit is until lunch, for about 10 AM, and after lunch, at 2-3 PM.

The history of this places is surrounded with mystery and legends about a tough god Ta-Vyovats who took heavens from ancient chiefs about the hero Pac-i-ta-a-vi who used to cut the earth until there became the canyon; stories about artifacts with Egyptian origins (how could the only be found in the other part of the world?!).

Locals will tell you dozens of stories and legends this place is shrouded with. The nature, the sands, the granites, even dry lonely trees – they all keep every single tail. They will give you unbelievable memories from watching the beauty and harmony of nature which rules here and opens itself for every tourist from the special side. Welcome to the world of a sunny fairy tale where there is no beginning and no end either, just the endless game with lights!

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon