Greece country of antique gods and famous heroes. Unprecedented quantity of monuments of architecture, sights of antiquity and magnificent beaches I do Greece to one of the most popular countries at tourists from around the world.

State capital multimillion city of Athens.

This city is known already more than three thousand years. The majestic Acropolis enjoys wide popularity at tourists. In the temple complex the numerous museums and antique atriums are located. The most significant place of interest of the Acropolis is the Temple Parthenon which is a symbol of the country and all tourists who are attracted by Greece – dream to see the Acropolis.

The island Rhodes is the tourist capital of Greece.

Annually there come about half a million tourists. the main place of interest of Rhodes – the Palace of knights. This majestic construction was constructed in the middle of the 14th century.

Greece Greece

The island of Crete is the most ancient center of a civilization. The archaeological reserve of Knossos is located near the kritsky city of Irakleona. According to the legend in Kiosa the well-known labyrinth of Minos was located. The magnificent Palace perfectly remained up to now, and tourists can make fascinating excursions on the Big palace of the tsar Minos.Greece

Travel to Greece will be left by the most delightful impressions. Greece – a cradle of a civilization which widely opens the doors before the tourists.