Egypt is an ancient state located on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It strikes into the heart of everyone who has been there at least once. Majestic pyramids fascinate with their mystery, seascapes are recognized as one of the most gorgeous in the world. The Nile River, which feeds its waters, a huge territory… All this makes the tourist’s eyes burn with an admiring fire.

Egypt is washed by two seas – the Red and the Mediterranean and is located in three climatic zones. In the north there is a mild Mediterranean climate with comfortable temperatures in the summer and cold season. In the central and southern regions – deserts and tropics. There is very little precipitation.

In the capital of Egypt, Cairo, there is the largest museum, which contains the most ancient relics of the time of the Pharaohs. Major cities – Port Said, Alexandria, Suez, are located in the northern part of the country.

The feeling of merging of three times – past, present and future covers you from the first steps on the Egyptian land. There is everything here to fill your vacation with impressions, thrills and have a good time.

In Giza, you will be able to visit the tombs of famous pharaohs and see the great wonder of the world, which came from antiquity and has preserved its original appearance to the present day — these are the pyramids. For example, the pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops, which was built for 20 years, is laid out of huge limestone blocks, each such block was weighing 2 elephants. The area of the pyramid is equal to the area of 5 football fields, and the height is approximately 150 m.

Diving centers with unique underwater flora and fauna are open for lovers of scuba diving on the Red Sea coast. Many colorful coral reefs are the habitat of hundreds of fish species, half of which live in these waters. Bright fish surrounded by live corals, underwater caves are truly an unforgettable sight. Dolphins live in the coastal waters and you can even swim some distance accompanied by them. To keep the dolphins close, use a special ultrasonic whistle.
And, of course, a camel ride will always remain in the memory as the most romantic adventure.

One of the pleasures of shopping is going to the oriental bazaar. You can buy everything here – from a simple souvenir to a camel, but we must not forget to bargain – such is the tradition.

Egyptian cuisine is characterized by a variety and abundance of seafood. In small restaurants and cafes stretching along the entire coast, fish dishes, pancakes, and shawarma are served.

Comfortable resorts with comfortable sandy beaches and low prices are available for everyone who wants to relax and improve their health.
Interesting places in Egypt

Egypt through the eyes of a tourist

Those who came to bask in the sun, on the seashore, will be pleasantly surprised by the equipped beaches. Residents are pleased with their hospitality, restaurants – a wide selection of different cuisines, and tourist guides – a variety of excursions for every taste.
By the way, for lovers of excursions, we recommend visiting the village of Abu Simbel, where two temples have been built, which are today the oldest pearl of architecture. It is noteworthy in the temple that it is entirely carved into the rock.

The temples were built in honor of the victory over the enemy of Pharaoh Ramses and his beautiful wife Nefertiti. Ramses equated himself with the gods, so the statues are made with the body of a god, and the face of a famous pharaoh. Also, the temples have preserved a great many small sculptures and paintings, which makes tourists keep their cameras ready.

The monastery of St. Catherine, built in the VI century AD, is open to Christians to visit. This is the only monastery in Egypt that did not pay duties and taxes. He is very well looked after, so you will be surprised by his excellent condition. There are great views from there. The temple stands in the mountains, hidden from human eyes. It is so named because it contains the relics of St. Catherine. Before that, it was called the Monastery of the Transfiguration. The relics were brought there in the middle of the VI century AD. Many Russian tsars sent donations to maintain this monastery. There is a huge number of Russian Orthodox icons in this place, as well as a very rich library, which ranks second after the Vatican in terms of the number of books.

There is no need to worry about souvenirs. As well as for food, clothing and much more. There are a huge number of shopping centers, shops, markets in Egypt. There are also a lot of factories for the production of essential oils and papyrus. At such factories, you will be shown the process of making oils, or papyrus paintings, and offered to purchase their products.

Also, you can try riding a camel. A cunning Egyptian will help you climb on this animal, take you for a ride, and even take a picture. The trick is that you will climb and ride for free, but in order to feel the ground under your feet, you will have to pay a few dollars.
Every country is beautiful in its own way, and Egypt is no exception. He cannot leave indifferent any tourist who has been there. This country makes you think about the passage of time, that our ancestors wanted to convey a lot to us. Countless tourists visit Egypt every year. Some people choose it more than once, and still, every time, Egypt gives them new, wonderful impressions. Memories of visiting Egypt will undoubtedly occupy a certain cell in your heart.