The Ministry of Transport of Russia has proposed to subsidize preferential fares for family trips in long-distance train compartments for the development of domestic tourism. The corresponding document is published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

Subsidizing transportation on routes from the list provided by the Federal Agency for Tourism and in the opposite direction is expected in the amount of up to 835 million rubles. The volume of transported passengers can be about 350 thousand people.

“The establishment of a preferential tariff will have a stimulating character when purchasing tickets for travel for tourist purposes,” the document says. The project was developed as part of a nationwide plan for the recovery of the Russian economy.

Цель поездки будет определяться на основании заполненной формы анкеты, в которой будут также указаны и другие сведения о путешествии, планируемые маршруты и контактные данные пассажиров.

In April, Russian Railways (RZD) promised to introduce a special ticket sales regime in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection while traveling by train. The distance between the seats in the cars should be at least one meter.

So, they decided to sell two tickets to the SV cars, two instead of four to the compartment, two seats to the reserved seat in the compartment and the lower side instead of four and two, respectively. They agreed to make exceptions for situations where up to four tickets are required in one order, for example, for a family.

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