The smallest but one of the most densely populated countries in Central America , the Republic of El Salvador was once known as the Coffee Republic . There was a time in this country’s history that the cultivation of coffee was its single most important economic activity. The decline in the coffee sector and the search for an alternative product or industry are among the biggest challenges the Salvadorans have to face.

Earliest known inhabitants of El Salvador were Pipil Indians who occupied the area called Cuscatlan, west of the Lempa River. The Spanish invaded the Pipil territory, conquered the whole Cuscatlan and established the City of San Salvador. It was during the early part of the 19th century that movements to overthrow the Spanish rule began to be spread across Latin America. In 1821, El Salvador , together with the other Central American province declared their independence from Spain. El Salvador became a member of the United Province of Central America and upon its dissolution in 1838, El Salvador became an independent republic, Since becoming an independent republic, El Salvador went thru a series of dictatorship and unstable governments. There were frequent clashes with neighboring republics in addition to several governments established and overthrown by force. The country made considerable economic progress only during a very rare period of relative stability in the early 20th century. Coffee became the principal export revenue earner and facilities for transportation were improved. However, such progress benefited only a few wealthy landowners and not the majority of poor tenant farmers and landless laborers.

More than a decade after the last civil war ended, El Salvador today is not yet without its troubles. There is a tendency to bypass El Salvador as a tourist destination. One reason for this is the prevalence of crime targeting tourists. To some travelers however, the slack tourist traffic is part of the attraction as there is less competition for space and services.

Everything said, it is best to visit El Salvador , armed with a good sense of security awareness and adventure. This might not be a place of easy comfort but it will definitely give one a feel of how it is to be in this part of the world, endowed with its unique guarded charm.

San Salvador has some nightclubs and cocktail lounges, cinemas, dance halls and theaters. Capital city of country is San Salvador .

If you’re looking for adventure and fun, look no further than El Salvador . Whether you want a vacation in the mountains or one at the beach, this Central American destination delivers. In the mountains and jungles, you’ll discover incredible natural beauty like exotic animals and lush foliage. There are lots of great hiking trails designed for visitors to enjoy. El Salvador is also rich in Mayan history, and has many great opportunities for cultural sightseeing.

El Salvador is also a great destination for beach lovers. The beaches in El Salvador offer soft, clean sand and amazing blue water. They’re a great place to sunbathe, swim or participate in water sports. You’ll also discover lots of great shops, wonderful dining establishments and a sizzling hot nightlife. There are many discotheques and even casinos, making nighttime in El Salvador just as exciting as it is during the day!