Arab Republic of Egypt enjoys a strategic location in the northeast corner of the African continent. Egypt shares its boundary with Mediterranean Sea in the North, Sudan in the South, Israel and Red Sea in the East and Libya in the West. Egypt has played a major role in transportation between the continents of Africa , Asia and Europe due to its important geographical location

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt . Nile is the longest river in the world and lifeline of Egypt . Majority of population inhabits the region around the Nile Valley and the Nile Delta. The geomorphology of Egypt comprises of desert out of which 90% is the Libyan Desert and the remaining 10% is Sahara Desert and Arabian Desert .

The Culture of Egypt enjoys an international reputation for its uniqueness, grandeur and technological skills. Tourists from all over the world come to Egypt to enjoy the beauty and splendor of culture that is more than 7000 years old and is harmonious fusion of the Egyptian, Mediterranean , Greek and Arabic Cultures.

The highlight of the Egyptian Culture is the pyramids. There are several pyramids in Egypt that have created a lot interest in the minds of not just historians and archaeologists but also tourists. The Pyramids are the single largest selling point of tourism industry in Egypt . The paintings have also been associated with the Culture of Egypt. The paintings have always been an integral part of the monuments of Egypt , which were ornamented with symbolic drawings. Modern artists in Egypt keep the culture of painting alive with their skills.

Egyptian dance and music are also a part of its vibrant culture. Belly Dancing that has continued in Egypt for a long time has now become popular all over the world. Egyptian music, although shows strong Arabic influences, is still a part of its modern culture. Egyptian food is influenced by Turkish eating habits because of long Turkish rule.

Catch an opportunity to travel to the fabled land of Egypt with the Nile Melody. Egypt is a country with a rich past and an equally prosperous present where the glorious antiquity compliments the contemporary development. Travel to Egypt to witness the historic monuments co-exists in cultural harmony with modern buildings.

Travel to the legendary Egypt where you will get an opportunity to get a close encounter with the celebrated pyramids, Sphinx, Abu Simbel , Alexandria , Aswan , Cairo , Giza , Hurghada, Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh. The present day Egypt is the legacy of the Early Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and several other cultures. The country with such a rich cultural heritage, without doubt, will have several interesting places to travel in Egypt . Besides the historic beauty, Egypt also offers to its guests the adventure of the Desert Safaris, the romance of the Nile Cruises and serenity of Beach Retreats. Travel to Egypt to know more about the history, learn about the cultural heritage, explore the monumental wealth, savor the modern pleasures and shop around for souvenirs and specialties with Nile Melody.

Egypt is a highly developed and advanced country with good tourist facilities. There are 89 airports, 2 heliports, well-connected network of railways and 3500 km of waterways in Egypt . The accommodation facilities in Egypt are very excellent with hotels available to suit the budget of all types of travelers.