The Superbank is a sandbank off the Gold Coast that creates the world’s largest waves and barrels. It has existed for only a few decades. In 1999, the Sand Bypass project was supposed to divert sand from the mouth of the river

Tweed. This led to the formation of a sandbank and the creation of a Superbank (praise the failed bureaucrats’ plan!), which stretched from Snapper Rocks to Kirra. Summer cyclone beets create pipes the length of an oil pipeline.

Indeed, the Superbank, located at Tweed Heads (just north of the border between New South Wales and Queensland), is so good at this time of year that surfers ride even at night. There are always a lot of athletes in the water, but don’t let it scare you — there are enough waves for everyone.

YOUR ADVENTURE: In the cyclone season, when storms come, you will see huge beets

WHERE: Gold Coast, Queensland

DATES: January – April