Adam’s Peak (2,243 m) has been stirring the imagination of believers for centuries.

There is a mysterious “footprint” on the top of the sacred mountain of Sri Lanka. According to various versions, this is the footprint of Adam (who first set foot on earth), the sacred footprint of the Buddha (which he left before his ascension to paradise), the footprint of the Apostle Thomas… or Shiva. It is not surprising that adherents of different religions flock here.

The pilgrimage season, coinciding with the dry season on the island, lasts from December to May. An endless stream of people ascends the endless steps from the village of Dalhousie. In the dark, the road to the mountain is illuminated — you can climb the peak at night to meet the dawn of your dreams.

YOUR ADVENTURE: Walk to the mountain with local pilgrims in the dry season

WHERE: Central Highlands

DATES: December – May, pilgrimage season