Germany is one of the countries that you should definitely visit in your life.

Almost the entire history of mankind is collected here, because Germany is one of the oldest countries in the world. Connoisseurs of all styles in art or architecture will find a lot of fun here. It is impossible to ignore Berlin, Stuttgart, Dresden, Bremen, Hanover, Cologne…

Very rich culture of this country. In Germany, you can find a museum, a memorable place or a historical heritage at every step.

Nature is very diverse here. Therefore, those who are used to enjoying walks in the fresh air will find a lot of useful things for themselves here. Germany is a country of forests and lakes. The Spandau Tegel, Dupel, Kepnik and Grunau nature reserves are famous in Berlin. And the luxurious water surface of the Wannsee, Grunewaldsee, Muggelsee and other lakes is simply amazing. In Hamburg, the Alster Lake is famous all over the world, which you can admire right in the center of the city. It is so large that it is comparable in size to a small European state.

The main historical and architectural values of Germany

In Bremen, it is impossible to convey the luxury and wealth of the town hall. The cathedrals of Cologne and Bremen, the churches of Potsdam and Munich, and just the streets of Frankfurt and Stuttgart seem to be filled with historical characters. It is easy to imagine how burghers and burghers in antique outfits and scurry around them.
Lovers of antiquity should definitely see with their own eyes the Nordkirchen Castle, St. Martin’s Church and the Nutcracker Museum in Neuhausen, the Berlin Wall or the Dresden Art Gallery.

This is a very, very incomplete list of what you can see in Germany. There is a very convenient transport connection in this country, but many more tourists want to walk. There is entertainment here for those who came with children. Right in the center of Berlin there is an excellent zoo with a very significant number of animal species.