Italy is one of the European countries that attracts people from all continents with its centuries-old history, cultural heritage, landscapes, architectural works of art.

It is impossible to pass by cozy open small restaurants and cafes, beckoning the passer-by with the amazing aroma of food. Here you can see the combination of the past with the present. An invisible thread connects the unique, majestic Colosseum, during the reign of the commander Caesar, with modern shops and office centers.

Great artists and poets glorified this country as the cradle of the culture of European civilization. Everything beckons to Italy: architectural monuments, history, clean sea, cuisine and impulsive incendiary Italian people.

Many cities of this country are known all over the world. These include Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and many, many other cities. And they attract not only because of the many shops that absolutely all lovers of shopping are interested in, but also because of the magnificent ancient architecture.

You can earn a long-awaited sea tan by basking in the sun at one of the many resorts in Italy.

Here you will see a huge number of vineyards, and you will also be able to taste the magnificent wine made from their fruits. In addition, you can buy leather items of excellent quality at low prices. And if you are a fan of handmade, then do not forget to look into the workshops of local craftsmen. Here you can buy wonderful souvenirs for your family and friends.

In Italy, you will not be bored at any time of the year. In summer you can swim and sunbathe on the local beaches, in winter you can ski with the breeze, and spring and autumn are a great time to visit the numerous historical and cultural monuments of the country. And don’t forget to buy a couple of designer things at the main fashion center of the world.

Holidays in Italy

The Apennine Peninsula seems to have been created specifically for tourists. Those who were lucky enough to visit Italy are sure that an earthly Paradise is located here.

The amazing climate, beautiful beaches and the unique diversity of nature attract millions of people. Majestic Alps and fantastic landscapes of the Dolomites, vineyards and olive groves delight the eye. And in terms of the number of ancient and historical monuments, only Greece can compare with Italy.

Among hundreds of Italian resorts, Capri Island occupies a special place. The best hotels in Italy are located here. The amazingly clear sea has attracted Roman emperors, Arab sheikhs, Hollywood divas, industrial magnates, bankers and other representatives of the world elite since ancient times. The healing climate, the amazing beauty of the island, where more than 850 species of plants grow, bathing at the foot of the cliffs that approach the sea itself. It is simply impossible to describe all the charms of this real pearl of Italy.

Those who like to relax with their eyes wide open are attracted to Florence, which flourished in the XV century. There are a large number of shops and boutiques in the city, where the best evening dresses from famous world designers are presented. Having bought any of them, the girl will look inimitable in the evening Florence.

The Renaissance era became the “Golden Age” of this city. Outstanding architects, artists and writers of this period worked here. Every building here is imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance.

It is in Italy that you can spend the best days of your life.

Italy welcomes millions of tourists from different countries to its territory every year in a friendly way, giving them the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of delights of this paradise. To do this, many famous resorts with a full range of services have been built on the shores of Italy. The most remarkable and unforgettable cities of Italy worth visiting are, of course, the cradle of the country – Rome, as well as Venice, San Marino, Milan, Verona, Pisa, Siena, Florence, the Vatican, Palermo, Naples and Genoa.

Italy can be divided into several resort areas: the Adriatic Riviera, the Venetian Riviera, the Neapolitan Riviera, the Ligurian Riviera and the Revira di Ulisse.

Travel in Italy

Italy is the tourist Mecca of Europe. However, not everyone likes the “standard” vacation offered by most tour operators. Every year more and more tourists choose independent holidays in Italy. So, you will be able to plan the places you will visit and the duration of your stay in the country.

Preparation for the trip should include a carefully designed route. Plus, you need to remember that you definitely need to take a travel guide to Italy with you. If you have the opportunity, book hotels in advance in the places where you will stay. You also need to decide what type of transport you will travel around Italy. It can be rail transport, buses or planes, the ideal (but also the most expensive) way is to rent a car.

Before the trip, you should take care of insurance, in case you get into an accident, your insurance company will cover all costs.

The tourist center of Italy is primarily Rome. The most convenient mode of transport in the Italian capital is buses. Traveling by public transport is convenient, fast and quite economical. It is best to eat in small restaurants and cafes, where a hearty lunch or dinner will cost you no more than 20 Euros.

Money can be kept on a plastic card, even in the smallest villages you will always find an ATM, and in the store you will be served by card.