Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations among tourists from all over the world. The tropical climate of this island state has a year-round beach holiday. Even in the “coldest” months of the year, the air temperature does not fall below 25 degrees, and the sea is never colder than 23 degrees. Indonesia is a kingdom of snow-white beaches, first-class hotel complexes and millions of palm trees.

The locals are good-natured and hospitable, so there is practically no crime here. The cost of a holiday is slightly higher than neighboring Thailand, but it should also take into account the higher level of service in Indonesia. Local holidays are considered more exclusive than Thai.

Indonesia is very popular among those who are vacationing with the whole family with young children. Most hotels have special rooms for parents with children, and all conditions are created for the entertainment of kids – numerous mini-zoos, children’s playrooms, water parks, dolphinariums and ostrich farms.

A vacation in Indonesia will seem like a heavenly fairy tale in which you will be one of the actors.

Indonesia is a multifaceted country that impresses with its beauty. It is not surprising that holidays in this country are so popular with tourists from around the world.

Indonesia is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, you can be transported from a snowy reality to a tropical fairy tale, and in summer the local climate is not so hot, which makes it convenient to relax at local resorts.

On vacation, you get a unique opportunity to combine a first-class beach holiday with extremely exciting and informative excursions. Indonesia combines a unique flavor of mixing all kinds of traditions and cultures, which makes a vacation in this country extremely interesting and memorable. Excursions to Jakarta, the capital of the state, are very popular. There are numerous attractions in this city, the age of which is several thousand years.

One of the most popular beach resorts in Indonesia is the Island of Bali. Many of those who have visited this resort call Bali a paradise. This small island is located in the Indian Ocean, not far from the island part of the country. The equatorial monsoon climate of the resort allows you to comfortably relax on the island nine months a year.

Numerous hotels and small bungalow hotels have been built on the island. This resort is famous for its luxurious beaches and emerald water, which has a temperature of 26-28 degrees all year round. A vacation in Bali is an incomparable pleasure that gives complete relaxation and charges with positive energy.