Although this country is not considered the most popular country for tourism, here you can still get acquainted with the history of Ukraine, visit picturesque places and admire architectural structures.

Sofiyevka Park is an amazing arboretum that can be considered as a park. Getting to the sights is easy. It is only necessary to be in the city of Uman. There are a lot of lakes, waterfalls and vegetation here.

For romantic couples in Ukraine there is a tunnel of love that fulfills wishes if you walk through it and plant flowers.

Mariinsky Park. The park was founded in 1874. A real paradise for romantic meetings and walks. There is not only beautiful nature, but there is also a bridge and an observation deck with an opening view of the Dnieper. A lot of marriage proposals were made in these places.

Museum lovers should definitely visit the complex in the Zhytomyr region.

Radomysl Castle – The foundation for the castle was an old mill, in which a museum of domestic icons was erected. To date, paper production has been established in the castle. A concert hall is also equipped.

Another castle that cultural tourists should definitely visit is the Lutsk Castle. This place has been preserved quite well for its years. There are 5 museums located here, and festivals are held every year.