The history of this amazing mansion began in the 19th century. When the famous merchant and manufacturer Ivan Vasilyevich Neburchilov looked for a picturesque place on the banks of the river Teza for the construction of his dacha. His wife was seriously ill with asthma and needed the healing air of the coniferous forest. Neburchilov built for her a beautiful two-storey house surrounded by cedar and pine forests.

A century and a half later, the mansion was converted into the manor “Shtetl Bor”, which receives guests from all over Russia and neighboring countries. In addition to the stunning nature and fresh air, people are attracted by the mysterious atmosphere prevailing in the estate. Many vacationers tell stories about ghosts they have heard while on vacation here. Footsteps, rustling, strange sounds and creaking of the floor – more than once became the subject of discussion. They say that the spirit of the Neburchilovs protects the treasure buried somewhere on the territory by the manufacturer himself. But the current owners explain these mysterious sounds by the fact that the house is made of wood, which expands when heated and crackles. Nevertheless, the recreation center in Ivanovo remains one of the mysterious places.

Accommodation in the manor

The guest complex offers the following types of rooms: standard mini, standard, standard “plus”, comfort and family. There are two accommodation options:

In guest cottages. Separate houses with a veranda for two-, three- and four-bed accommodation.

In the rooms of an old mansion. Here on the ground floor there is a restaurant where three meals a day are organized for guests.

Regardless of the type of apartment, guests can expect comfort and coziness.

Leisure activities

Not all recreation centers in Ivanovo and the Ivanovo region can boast of so much entertainment. Here everyone will find something to their liking at any time of the year.

What kind of leisure awaits visitors:

– russian bath and bathing in a rejuvenating vat;

– boats for fishing and riding on the river Teza;

– bicycles for adults and young guests;

– rental of spinning rods and fishing rods for exciting fishing;

– paintball for a fun company;

– paragliding flights with an instructor;

– own free beach with golden sand;

– mini zoo;

– master classes: gingerbread painting, creation of Christmas decorations and Slavic dolls, soap making, light construction.

– winter fun: skiing, skating, cheesecakes.

Organization of holidays

База отдыха в Иваново

– an ideal place for celebrations. Cedar and lime alleys, a picturesque river, the romantic spirit of antiquity – what could be better for a wedding photo shoot. Several venues are offered for the banquet:

– fireplace room for 70 people;

– indoor summer pavilion for a magnificent celebration for 100 people;

– summer tents for 30 people.

Here you can not only rent a banquet hall, but also organize a holiday from scratch. What is offered:

– banquet service

– themed decoration of the festive site;

– organization of on-site wedding registration;

– catering;

– DJs, presenters, photographers.

By ordering an event in the “Boron Place”, you not only get a professional organization, but also solve the problem with the accommodation of guests. When renting the entire guest complex, the client can count on an impressive discount.

How to get

The manor “Shtechko Bor” is located at the address: m. Dacha Bor, Shuisky district, Ivanovo region. It is 38 km from the regional center of Ivanovo and 300 km from Moscow. You can find out the rates of the Ivanovo recreation center through the official website “ . Go to the website, book rooms. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a weekend in an unusual corner surrounded by a pine forest and a cedar grove.