If a person wants to go on vacation to a sunny country where summer reigns all year round, then it’s worth thinking about a vacation in Goa. This is a state of India and beach holidays are available here literally all year round. Before you go on vacation to Goa, you need to know the features of recreation in this state:

  • Goa is divided by its location into the southern part and the northern part. In the northern part there are budget hotels, and in the southern part there are more elite ones.
  • Vacation in Goa, which the website offers travels-world, is a wide strip of beaches where you can spend your vacation, if you don’t want to rest only on the beach that was assigned to the hotel.
  • It is worth noting that the climate features are such that the average annual air temperature here is approaching +30, and as for the average annual temperature of sea water, it is also approaching +30 degrees. The seasons here vary depending on the humidity level, from drier to wetter.
  • High humidity and high air temperatures lead to the fact that you can easily pick up an infection here, unsanitary conditions flourish. In order not to get sick, it is necessary to use wet alcohol wipes, wash your hands thoroughly and more often. It is also necessary to wash the fruits that a person bought at the market.
  • If you want to get active, you can go on excursions to the jungle and get acquainted with the vegetation, you can also see local temples or see another part of the state, its nature.
  • In order to move around the island, you need to rent a scooter. It is a convenient transport and is well suited for trips around the island. Traffic here is left-handed, and the roads are narrow, and this should be taken into account when traveling.
  • The peculiarities of the local country are such that night comes quickly enough, and also dawn comes quickly after night.
  • Goa is great for a relaxing holiday if a person does not want to go to discos, nightclubs, but wants peace and relaxation.
  • If we consider the language spoken by the local population, then Konkani has become widespread here. In tourist areas, they speak English, and if a person does not speak this language, then you can ask for help from tourists from Russian–speaking countries – there are quite a lot of them here.
  • The local population is friendly to tourists, they work hard, but the population is considered quite poor.

In memory of the trip to Goa, tourists carry leather goods, various souvenirs, as well as tea, spices and rum. Goa will allow you to relax your soul and body, and will give you vivid impressions of your vacation at this resort.