Israel is an amazing country. Three great world religions were born on its territory, there are stunning landscapes, the Dead Sea, unique in its healing properties, historical and cultural values. And a beach holiday on the shores of any of the three local seas is beyond praise. Therefore, sightseeing tours to Israel are invariably popular with tourists all over the world.

Popular routes

Popular are туры из Саратова combining trips to two states: Israel and Jordan. Such a trip usually takes from 7 to 10 days. There are also tours to the Sacred Land for New Year and Christmas. And there are also two-day and one-day excursions to Israel from Egypt.

Depending on personal preferences, each traveler builds a program of stay in the country in his own way. But it would be unforgivable to go to the Promised Land and not touch its historical and religious treasures. Therefore, it is best to take a tour to Israel with excursions. You will be able to visit the biblical places where Christ preached, wise Solomon reigned, David fought with Goliath, and also see Jerusalem, sacred to the three religions. Also on the territory of the country there are various landscapes, many nature reserves and national parks, three seas — the Red, the Mediterranean and the Dead. Tours of Israel can be of various types. For example, you can choose a week-long vacation by the sea plus trips around the country or short weekend tours to Jerusalem.


The historical center of Jerusalem is divided into quarters according to the religious affiliation of its inhabitants. The main shrine of the Jewish part is the Wailing Wall, where people rush every day. They put thousands of notes with pleas to the Creator between the ancient stones. The Muslim and Christian quarters are separated by the Path of Sorrow leading to Golgotha. Christ walked along it to the place of execution. On the mountain where Jesus was crucified, there is a complex of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. On its territory there are several monasteries, churches belonging to various Christian denominations, the Cave of the Holy Sepulchre with a stone bed on which the body of the Savior lay. A piece of the crown of thorns is kept in one of the chapels.

Not far from Old Jerusalem stands the Mount of Olives, and at its foot is the Garden of Gethsemane. Christ prayed in it the night before he was captured. It’s amazing, but nowadays tourists see 2000-year-old olives that still remember those events.

There are enough interesting excursions in Israel. Outside the Old City, on Mount Zion, there is the grave of the great prophet David. He is revered by representatives of all three major religions.

Be sure to visit ancient Bethlehem, where Jesus was born and Nazareth, where his childhood was spent, where the huge Cathedral of the Annunciation is located. Isn’t it tempting to accept the sacrament of baptism in the waters of the holy river Jordan? There is a special place, Yardenite, where John baptized Jesus. Prices for such targeted excursions in Israel are quite affordable.