Albania is a country resembling a sleeping beauty who is about to be woken up by a handsome prince. Because of the harsh communist isolation that lasted until 1990, she began to resemble a wanderer who came from a completely different dimension. This state is not characterized by congestion of streets with cars and overcrowding of beaches with tourists.

Having suffered minor changes, Albania still remains a special and unique place, the analogue of which cannot be found in all of Europe. This state is characterized by its own and very interesting culture. Albania “grew up” in proud solitude, overcoming a lot of difficulties, so we can say that this country completely belongs only to itself. Despite all the hardships, Albania has not turned into a typical European country, but has preserved its identity and unique culture.

Buying здесь a tour to Albania, be sure to plan to visit cities such as Locust and Brother, where you can soak up the pristine and beautiful beaches, enjoy the spirit of antiquity, which is represented by ancient fortresses. The only reminder that you are still in Europe is the active movement and turmoil that you can meet in the capital of Albania, the city of Tirana.

Albania is a small part of a vibrant and blooming nature that has not yet succumbed to human influence. At the same time, the seemingly primitive savagery of Albania does not prevent it from remaining a hospitable and friendly country.

The center of tourist trips is the capital of Albania, Tirana. This city is very bright and colorful. Its population is only 400,000 people. The city has an unsurpassed festive look, which was made possible thanks to talented artists who, having painted the houses with paints, turned it into a multi-colored miracle.

One of the places worth visiting while in Tirana is the Historical Museum – the pride and national heritage of the Albanians. Decorated with mosaics, it is located among tropical plants. There is a huge number of ancient archaeological finds in this place, which date back to 100,000 BC. The museum contains more than 5.5 thousand exhibits.

No less interesting is the Palace of Culture, located in the same city. This beauty is built in the very center of Tirana. The Cathedral of St. Paul will show you its similarity to the hotel. This massive building has a spacious lobby.

Central Albania is no less attractive. The Archaeological Museum in Durres, the Palace of King Zogu, the Onufri Museum and the Ethnographic Museum in Berat are very popular with tourists. Each of these places will not leave any of the visitors indifferent.

Going to Southern Albania, be sure to pay attention to the ancient ruins of Butrinti, which have been restored to their original size, thereby preserving their former style and beauty.

Не стоит обходить стороной великолепный карстовый источник Голубой Глаз. Он как магнит, так и притягивает к себе туристов со всего мира. Для посещения парка Ллогараджа Пасс вам нужно будет проехать по дороге, которая проходит по южной части области Влера.

Visiting Albania, you will get a lot of unforgettable impressions that will attract you to yourself again and again.